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Balanced Health Adelaide

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Balanced health solutions offers safe effective Holistic Healing through Body talk, Theta healing, NLP. Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Balanced Health Adelaide

Servicing area

Happy Valley, South Australia

Focus areas

Chronic pain Restoration Eating disorders Anxiety Sciatica Stress management

Welcome to
Balanced Health Adelaide

David has been based in Adelaide working health counselling 15 years. He studied at the University of South Australia ( Adelaide) graduating in Health counselling. He is a qualified teacher trained in Health Studies at Flinders Uni (Adelaide).

About David

I graduated from Flinders University majoring in Health Studies and became interested in natural healing when looking for drug free ways to treat my children for Asthma.

I have been studying complimentary medicine for over twenty years.

I believe the bodies natural ability to heal itself is often put out of balance by the stresses of modern living
These stresses can be emotional or environmental, but they can take their toll on the bodies natural ability to heal. Modern research in this area conclude that up to 85% of disease can be traced back to a stressed autoimmune system.

At Balanced Health I use a range of healing techniques depending on the needs of the client. Often, a session will involve a blend of two or more modalities to bring about the best results to optimise health ..
I often use a healing technique called “Bodytalk” which combines both eastern and western healing. It has been developing over the past twenty years and has over two thousand practionners based in over twenty five countries.

This is due to its effective use for a broad range of symptoms without drugs or side effects ( see Bodytalk Internation web page)

My Services

What happens in a session?

  • We use a health evaluation checklist to assess the needs of the client and to demonstrate positive changes that occur as a result of the session.

  • We use biofeedback to determine specific priorities for restoration of communication within the body/mind.
How will I benefit?

Most people notice changes in their health soon after the sessions, usually symptoms disappear permanently as a result of the shifts within the body/mind.

In addition, the client feels more relaxed and is able to enjoy life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

What symptoms can be addressed in a session?

I have successfully helped a broad range of imbalances including:
Asthma, arthritis, Chronic Fatique, Skin disorders, emotional imbalances( anxiety ,depression) , eating disorders, children’s learning disorders and behavioral problems: , migraine headaches, chronic pain, back pain, allergies, digestive disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, bruising, irritable bowel and sports injuries.

Treatments are gentle as they are powerful and grounded in western and eastern medicine.


"I had low energy and lower back troubles for over three years, It was really getting me down, I had tried everything diet, exercise, vitamins but nothing seemed to help, I was tired by 11.00 in the morning. A friend recommended Balanced health and after only two sessions my energy was back .I had one session on my back and the pain and weakness went the next day...I was amazed! I feel like my old self again!...."
Dan from Blackwood

"I had suffered terrible migraine head aches since primary school , After a car accident I would have to go to hospital on medication in a dark room until it passed. After only two treatments at Balanced Health the migraines stopped. I was thrilled !!. I can even drink red wine...


I had developed carpal tunnel and had frequent painful bout of sciatica which got worse if I exercised, I thought I’m probably just getting old. I decided to get some help and within days could tell a big difference the pain in my wrist had lessened considerably and the sciatica disappeared completely. After a month I was pain free and enjoying life again….
Betty age 83

Please feel free to contact me for further information or booking on mob. 0437 764 540.

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