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Balance To Awareness

Karin Giger

Servicing area: Dingley Village, Victoria

Balance To Awareness

Balance To Awareness


My Mission

BALANCE TO AWARENESS HOLISTIC KINESIOLOGY offer individual and group programs designed to alleviate stress, promote peaceful conflict resolution, enables personal empowerment, enhances creativity, and increases well-being. My programs incorporate a holistic approach that views body, mind, spirit and environment as interrelated and interactive, using multi-modality methods that incorporates Holistic Kinesiology, Transitional Therapy, Spiritual Psychology, Flower Essences and many other modalities to design an individual program for each client that enables them to reach their goal and ultimately unleash their inner potential.

One on one consultations are offered in the following modalities:

  • Holistic Kinesiology

  • Transitional Therapy

  • Learning Enhancement

  • Relationship & Conflict Resolution

Who would benefit from my services?

I could say anyone would benefit from my services but that would not be true. Within one to two balances I can help to resolve physical ailments but as we all know physical ailments are generally manifestation of some deeper issue that needs to be looked at, then let go off. If you are looking for lasting results you need to make a commitment to change, what ever stage of life your at or age you are. A willingness to make space and be more aware of yourself on all levels is key to lasting change.

There are a lot of good practitioners out there at the moment, who use various healing modalities and styles. Its essential that you feel comfortable with whoever you choose to help you to heal and grow within yourself. If what I've written on this website feels 'right' for you, I would urge you to take the next step and call or email me to organise a consultation or just to have a chat.


Meditation & Creative Visualization Class

Experience deep relaxation!
Learn different ways to relax, unwind and de-stress. Give your self the chance to feel re-energizes, centered and grounded.
Each meditation class is unique in that I take into consideration the groups energy before proceeding, so that I can tailor it accordingly. For example we may start with a deep body relaxation then proceed to a guided visualization perhaps incorporating FOSTAC® Tachyon & Bio Phoenix® products, sound, crystals, cards or herbs. The last phase consolidates and anchors in the peace, tranquility and any insights gained during the process.

Tuesday 7.30 till 8.30pm

Thursday 7.30 till 8.30pm

Cost $10 per session

Family & Systemic Soul Constellations (9am-5.30pm)
What Is a Constellation?
The therapeutic intervention known as a “Family Constellation" or "Systemic Soul Constellation" diverges from conventional psychotherapy in three radical respects: The client hardly speaks.
The process is a singular intervention that is not repeated.
Critical information that serves to reveal hidden entanglements and possible solutions within the system is supplied by surrogates who have no actual knowledge about the family. How deeply we are connected to our family, how strongly the fate of our family members, including the ancestors, may affect us, is something to experience.
At times we behave in ways that make no sense, we have symptoms that we don’t understand, feel feelings that make our lives difficult, struggle with people we love, see pain in our children, conduct parts of our lives in ways that leave us perplexed. And worse, we have to face untimely death in loved ones, the loss of family members, and the pain of seeing them suffer tragically in terminal illnesses and severe mental and physical disability. And most families have been touched by the greater calamities, such as war. Many spiritual, therapeutic and educational approaches exist that help us understand and release old tend recent trauma,  to deal with difficult  life situations, and to live more fully. 

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