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Ballarat Birth Support

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Sandy is here to celebrate the sacred art that IS pregnancy and birth. Honouring your natural bodily cycles, embracing your raw inner power and channeling your strength which you possess to bring you the best natural childbirth education and support you can hope to find.

Ballarat Birth Support

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About Sandy

Sandy Tai is a wildly passionate feminist birth doula who is here to help you kick butt in your birth!

Your positive birth begins with Sandy

Sandy is mother to two magical fiery little girls. Although her passion for birth started well before she had her own babies. From just the age of eight Sandy was desperate to start attending births!

Her own experiences combined with witnessing many births within the modern maternity system led her to her current passion: that of supporting and enabling you, the pregnant person, to truly embrace your own strength and inner birthing warrior.

Frustrated with the current maternity model, Sandy is out to smash existing birth expectations, the removal of human rights in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and help you achieve the birth you’ve always dreamed of.

Sandy dreams not only of having a truly amazing birthing centre here in Ballarat but also a not for profit centre in Thailand to help out the families much in need of support and education.

Sandy’s goal is to help improve birth outcomes for families to help reduce the trauma and abuse that many are exposed to every day.

Your Positive Birth Experience Begins Here

Do you want to plan a positive birth experience?

Feel supported every step of the way?

Have your care tailored to your individual needs and continuity of care?

Your Pregnancy and Birth Package

Your investment is $1500 and includes:

In depth discussion of all of the pregnancy and birth options available to you- not just the ones the GP offers you!

Honouring the huge transition that pregnancy and parenting is, recognising this as a sacred rite of passage and giving you all the respect and reverence you deserve.

Breastfeeding preparation and support to get you started on the right foot to your magical journey to nourishing your babe with your amazing breastmilk

Optional extra: Your Placenta Encapsulated + $300

Your Kickarse Pregnancy & Birth Package

Your investment for this package is $2065, saving you $790 and includes:

Private hypnosis for birth sessions (4) plus resources to aid you in preparing for the most kickarse birth imaginable - Birth Hypnosis details HERE

Of course I will also attend at your birth. Ensuring everyone on your birth team knows your birth preferences and is on board with your hypnosis for birth education. I will be there to offer physical and emotional support to you and your birth partner, empowering you both to make the decisions you want to make about how you bring your baby into the world

After your birth I will visit you twice more to ensure you are rocking your postpartum time. We will chat about your birth and debrief all of the delicious raw details. I will check in on your breastfeeding and we can have a chat about how becoming a mother is changing your life and relationship

Added extra fun bits!!

Newborn sized boobie beanie (normally $30) to keep that delicious bundle warm - and looking adorable!

Custom Umbilical Cord Ties (normally $15) to replace the clunky plastic clip most birth providers use

Your very own copies of The Business Of Being Born, The Pink Kit and Orgasmic Birth movies (retail at $170) to help you prepare your body and mind for your birth

A gift of lush samples, local baby and pregnancy related discounts and freebies

Placenta Encapsulation including pick up and delivery to help combat baby blues, help your breastmilk supply and aid in your postpartum healing. I will deliver your capsules at our first postpartum appointment

Hypnosis for Birth Bliss

Your Positive Birth Experience Begins Here

Are you ready to be prepared for your birth, to relax, breathe and kick butt?

Yes, all at the same time!

Learn how

  • To relax and let your body do all the work for you!
    (Did you know your body can push by itself! I'll show you how!)

  • Have your partner be the most helpful they can be. Through gentle reminders and blissful massage, your partner will learn how to be there for you 100%

  • To reduce your chances of tearing or needing an episiotomy

  • You can comfortably breathe through contractions- Learn my tricks!

  • To ensure smooth sailing with breastfeeding

  • And so much more

Hypnosis for Birth for Couples

I offer Private Hypnosis for Birth sessions for pregnant people and their support people to prepare their bodies and minds for kicking arse in birth

There are four sessions and all of them are tailored to meet your personal needs in order to shape your childbirth education to be as effective and helpful as possible to create the labour and birth outcomes you desire

As part of this birth preparation, you also get access to an extensive lending library which houses a large variety of books and DVDs as well as your own CDs to keep and listen to as you prepare to roar (or breathe!) that baby earthside

Hypnosis for Birth for Groups

Group Hypnosis for Birth Sessions.

Your investment for group sessions is $495 and includes the same as hypnobirthing for couples, but in a group setting.

As above, the group sessions include four appointments, personalised to the group members, plus all resources.

These group sessions are only held twice a year.


Birth and Newborn Lifestyle Photography.

To forever remember the moments of pregnancy, birth and parenting before these fleeting phases pass. Lets work together to savour those tiny toes, the absolute power of birth and the sweetest milky moments of parenthood.

Photography Packages

Birth Photography......................................Investment of $650

The swell and surge of labour. The raw power of birth. The milky grins. The happy tears of new parents. These are the moments I live to document.

Newborn Photography................................Investment of $150

The teeny toes, the sweetest squishy nose, those rose bud lips that you just can't help but smooch again and again...
Stay blissed out in your babymoon bubble adoring this tiny new Being as I captures the first feeds, the milky grins, the wrinkly feet and the love between you and your family in a casual, no "look here and say cheese" manner.
Home or hospital, this package helps you to forever remember the sweetest details that are so fleeting.

Call Today to let Sandy help you prepare for your Dream Birth

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