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Banksia Yoga

Maureen Germein

Blackwood SA 5051

Banksia Yoga

Banksia Yoga offers relaxed, small, classes with Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher, Hanna Somatic movement educator and counsellor Maureen in Blackwood.

Banksia Yoga


Hatha Yoga co-ordinates mindful movements with the breath, and promotes a connection between all the systems of the physical body and the mind. It is calming for the central nervous system and promotes flexibility, balance and strength. Relaxation and meditation is an integral part of all classes.

With a focus on personalised practice; students are encouraged and facilitated to work to their own needs, and become independent in their practice.

See the events page for an exciting new course to be offered in 2018.

Why Banksia Yoga?

The name Banksia Yoga is inspired by the beautiful sprawling banksia tree, and the many birds it nurtures through its flowers.

The centre of the Banksia represents the still point in us all, that which is unchanging through time and the chaos of life.

The flower of the Banksia is like life, swirling, busy, vibrant. The leaves around the Banksia represent how the 8 limbs of Yoga can support us through all stages of our lives and continually help us return to that still point in the centre.

What is Hatha Yoga?

You don't have to be flexible to practice yoga! The Yoga taught at Banksia Yoga is strongly influenced by the teachings of Donna Farhi, and is enquiry based providing true empowerment for each student to find and honour their truth in every moment.

Classes respect and incorporate the traditional teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which sets out the 8 limbs of yoga. Briefly, these are:

  • Yama-respect for others

  • Niyama-respect for ourselves

  • Asana- move with awareness

  • Pranayama- breathe with awareness

  • Pratyahra- withdraw from the busyness of life

  • Dharana : Concentration

  • Dhyana : Meditation

  • Samadhi : Connection with all that there is

Hatha Yoga is suitable for all ages, for women and men.
Please consult your treating medical practitioners if you have any concerns before starting yoga.

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