Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre

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One of Brisbane's longest standing and most respected therapy centres. We have top quality osteopaths, homeopath, feldenkrais practitioner, counsellors and psychologists, including educational psychologists. For more information on our practioners have a look at our website. For bookings with therapists please phone (07) 3368 1300. For yoga classes please phone individual yoga teachers listed below.

Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre

Servicing area

Bardon, Queensland

Focus areas

Conception Sinus Autoimmune disease Headaches Joy Relaxation

The Centre has been operating for over 26 years, and is well known in Brisbane for the high quality of its practitioners. For further information about each practitioner see our website at

The range of practitioners at the Centre including an osteopath, homeopath, psychologists and counsellors specialise in the thealth issues relating to infants and/or children including:
asthma and chest infection
autoimmune diseases
bed wetting
behaviour issues
birth trauma
ear infections
headache and migraine
learning dificulties
preconception, pregnancy and postnatal care
reflux and feeding problems
recurring infections
sleep problems
unsettled babies

Pracitioners at the Centre include:

3 registered osteopaths, who emphasize the gentle functional and cranial approaches to treatment.
Arun Shapleski,
Melinda Banks, who specialises in treating babies, and
Jennie Elston.
The osteopaths treat a range of symptoms including:
back pain
neck and shoulder stiffness and pain
headaches and migraines
blocked sinus
certain categories of tinnitus
ear infections
postural disturbances
functional breathing disturbances
irritable bowel syndrome
period pain/fertility and conception
colic and reflux in babies
birth strain/trauma
children with learning difficulties and developmental

Nirala Jacobi, naturopath. See Nirala's website at

Jane Lindsay, classical homeopath & vibrational flower essences. See Jane's websites at

There are very experienced clinical psychologists practise at the Centre:
Andrew Lindsay
Barbara Gonda
Celeste Whiteman
Jan Bracher
Jane Rylance
Dr. Maureen Finnane
Peter Culross
Rita Fallini
Rozz Nutting
Sali Smith
Yasmin Evans

See below for the list of issues covered by these psychologists.

There are two educational psychologists working at the Centre:
Sali Smith works with children, adolescents and adults with learning and associated problems, and
Dr. Maurene Finnane specialises in working with children who have learning difficulties in mathematics.

The following counsellors have practices at the Centre:
Doug Burke specializes in veterans. See Doug's website at;
Jennie Elston specializes in the Jungian based Voice Dialogue method;
Jane Campbell-Kaye specializes in issues relating to the childbearing year. See Jane's website at;
Liz Fallon specializes in children, adolescents and family issues;
Lynette Fox. See Lynette's website at

The psychologists and counsellors address a range of issues including:
behavioural issue
conflict resolution
eating disorders
family dynamics
fears & phobias
gay & lesbian
loss & grief
sexual abuse or assault, including adults abused as children;
children who abuse other children
school difficulties
sleeping issues
supervision & training

Feldenkrais practitioner, Susie King. See website at

2 experienced yoga teachers: they teach safely, with a focus on both the body and the mind, and they all incorporate relaxation into their classes.

Fran Archer offers remedial to advanced classes informed by the self corrective processes of the Alexandae Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and Orthobionomy. Her remedial classes are particularly suited to those needing a gentle approach. Here the emphasis is on learning the art of kindness to oneself. Fran teaches at the Centre on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday and Friday early mornings. For information ph. 0418 747 597.

Peter Bisson teaches Hatha yoga. His classes create an awareness of the balance between Body and Mind through gentle and explorative stretches, strengthening and aligning postures and flowing sequences, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation. This all helps to open up areas of blocked energy that life can be more fully experienced from a joyful and peaceful perspective. Peter teaches here on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. See Peter's website at For further information ph. 3368 2557.

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