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Live free of Pain! Bowen Therapy is a relaxing therapy, which will balance your entire body and mind.

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What you can expect from Bowen

Bowen is not something that is ongoing. In the majority of cases, the client can expect substantial relief after just one session and significant recover and resolution within just 3 sessions. However, long-standing or chronic conditions or repeat injuries. Some clients have periodic Bowen Therapy sessions to maintain body integrity and balance and to prevent the onset of issues.


Bowen Therapy is fantastic for any age group!  Robyn has treated newborns through to the elderly.  Great for sports injuries, as well as existing injuries or conditions. 

Through the use of Bowen Therapy, Robyn has helped myself and my two young sons through a range of ailments such as postnatal depression, pregnancy induced hypertension management, fetal positioning for labour, natural induction of labour, Erbs Palsy and newborn adjustment, with results every time. I have had nothing but great results from Robyn’s healing hands and recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel great again. If I need a problem fixed, I go to Robyn!

Fetal Positioning 

– Due to previous pregnancy complications I was to have my labour induced, however as the baby was still sitting very high in the uterus and had made no attempt to drop down into the pelvis and engage I was told I may need a caesarean section. I saw Robyn for treatment and less than 72 hours later the baby dropped lower and engaged ready for labour.

Postnatal Depression

The weekly treatments had a compound effect and after a few sessions I saw a noticeable difference in my moods which enabled me to avoid using SSRI anti-depressant medications.

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