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Bayside Bowen Therapy

Robyn Brown

11 Daina Crt
Skye VIC 3977

Bayside Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a remedial body technique that is gentle and relaxing. It helps the body's own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony, which can result in lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

Bayside - Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy


Bowen is a holistic remedial boy method that works on the fascia (soft connective tissue) of the body. Bowen therapy can be utilised to treat musculoskeletal or related neurological issues including chronic conditions and sports injuries. It is a relaxing and gentle modality that does not manipulate the body in invasive ways.

Bowen Therapy helps the body to stimulate its own innate healing abilities to achieve harmony and balance. This can result in efficient and often long-lasting relief from discomfort and pain, where other modalities and treatments have not been effective.

A Bowen session is made up of small movements at varying pressures, each at a certain site on the body. The treatment is pleasant – practitioners utilise light, cross-fibre movies of tendon, muscles, or ligaments with no forceful manipulation.


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