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Brain Body Energy Centre (BBEC)

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Brain Body Energy Centre (BBEC)

Welcome To Brain Body Energy Centre! Reduce Your Stress Now. Anxiety, Insomnia, Weight Loss, Work & Relationship Stress - Talk With A Certified Professional. A Holistic Approach. Over 20 years’ experience. Hypnotherapy, Latest Neuro Re-Programming, Heartmath Coaching & New Olluminating Hypnotherapy.

Brain Body Energy Centre (BBEC)


Brain Body Energy Centre with Retreat Genies' practice is build on the premise and embodies the notion of ‘energy and mind over matter’. We honour and trust in the body’s innate wisdom, power and ability to heal itself naturally in awe inspiring, exciting and stimulating ways. Sometimes we need the best medical, psychological, therapeutic and coaching assistance.

We rely on the expertise of skilled and Certified hypnotherapists, Life & Business coaches, Practitioners and Heartmath Coaches that have helped change the lives of thousands of clients in Perth and worldwide. We believe in providing specialised coaching and treatment, utilising a variety of specialised processes and techniques to tailor to your needs.

We deal with the more difficult problems associated with stress, anxiety and pain. We are a group of certified professionals who believe that given the best infinite conditions, it is possible to turn your life around and create a lifestyle you enjoy. 


Psychologically proven Hypnotherapy, Heartmath Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation and Kegel Muscle practices are easy and painless treatments and practices that address the conditions, addictions and disorders that you battle with.

Our trusted method of therapeutic and coaching assistance allows you to harness the power of your energies and subconscious mind to overcome many of the challenges that life throws your way.

Breathing properly and deeply with Hypnotherapy and Coaching is your gateway to empowering yourself against situations that can seem overwhelming and ultimately, beyond your control.

A visit to Brain Body Energy Centre in Ascot or West Perth can help you reclaim the control and direction in your life that you seek. 

We also practice a new style which has been referred to as Computational Energy Coaching called 'Olluminating' which combines the styles of Meditation, Mindfulness, Neuro-linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

Life can be incredibly challenging and demanding, and we are here to help you to overcome many of life's burdens.

To help you to deal with life's fast pace, and relieve stress and anxiety easier and re-gain greater wellbeing and succeed more for life. So you can live the life you desire now.

More than ever before in history it is essential to regularly counteract the demands of Modern Living and its effects on your body, mind, emotions and energy.

People are seeing fantastic results from Brain Body Energy Centre  for a variety of problems and issues. Helping to deal better with the effects of constant changes, toxicity & the bombardment from energy depleting lifestyle deterrents, to better relax, recover & revitalise & thrive.

All practices are extremely useful in tapping into your natural energy resources and Olluminating uses a synthesis of useful modern & ancient transformational processes, approaches & techniques to help people to stop feeling so drained and depleted and help rebalance and increase vitality.

Stop The Cycle Of Stress, Frustration & Feeling Tired

Reasonable Pricing Structure From:

Hypnotherapy from $120

Hearthmath Coaching from $80

(Reduced Packages Also Available - Ask about saving even more for your healing journey . We are here to help - 044 777 0011)

Choose From The Following Sessions:

    • Hypnotherapy – (used to help stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain, anxiety, weight loss, anger, sadness)
    • Heartmath (Breath) Coaching - Especially helpful for calming and relaxation assisting the Autonomic Nervous System and creating more body/ mind coherence
    • Mindfulness Coaching
    • Personalised Olluminating Session (Relaxation & Body Re-Vitalising)
    • Connect & Commit To You – 28 Day Special Program

Call 044 7770011 To Book Your Session – Starting from $80

Now, people from all walks of life & ages are transforming their lives personally and professionally with relationships, work, business, children, family & wellbeing.

People are seeing how simple it is to empower themselves, and their loved ones and the people around them at home, at work and in society. Prices range from free sessions and upwards to suite one’s needs and requirements.

Make it easier for yourself to ​‘Retreat’ for a minute, hour, a few hours, a day or longer and you will never look back! It’s never, ever, ever too late to start loving life more. Don’t wait for a vacation, sick day, or a reason, retreat often, retreat for you, re-vitalise, rejuvenate and enjoy every moment…​

Congratulations For Beginning And Continuing To Take Positive Actions To Increase Your Wellbeing

Further Benefits

Body Brain Energy Centre (BBEC) is for busy people, working too much, studying, working too much or just tired of feeling tired, and sick or feeling angry, anxiety or sad. Modern day living requires so much more adaptability, and new and different ways of being, coping, feeling and balancing.

We are here to help you re-balance and regain greater energy and momentum and attract more of what you desire in life with more ease.

Guaranteed and aimed to provide a personal, individual approach that allows you to focus on you, your goals, your personal wellness and your life.

People come from all walks of life, all ages, personally and professionally curious, wanting to feel more motivated, resolve issues, explore and have fun too. Individuals come for themselves, for work, for relationships, for family, children and many, many reasons. To re-connect, re-energise, re-balance and more.

Benefits of Brain Body Energy Centre Services…

    • Boost Immunity
    • Relieve Pain from injury or operations
    • Deal wtih symptoms of anxiety & stress
    • PTSD
    • Sleep Better
    • Handle stress or anxiety better
    • Feel Lighter
    • Alleviate Weight & Image Issues
    • Re-balance hormones - Women's Issues
    • Rekindle romance & intimacy
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Total Mind & Body Wellness
    • Ease Inflammation & Help Indigestion
    • Increase confidence
    • Create greater relationships & better communication
    • Deal with separation, sadness or loss better
    • Achieve life goals
    • Advance professionally & in business easier

Professionally Brain Body Energy Centre can confidentially help you to harness your strengths, relax better, to help create more wellbeing and increase motivation and vitality.

Reasons Why Some People Have Come To Brain Body Energy Centre

    • Feel worn down by everyday life
    • Need to re-vitalised or re-energised
    • Want to see more direction in life
    • Have felt lost faith and feel a bit lost
    • Do too much for other people, and forget about your own needs
    • Think about changing jobs or career, but don’t make any moves
    • Procrastinate far too much
    • Feel you know the goal, but feel stuck
    • Want a raise, promotion or improve your circumstances
    • Want to take time out to rebuild a relationship
    • Desire more prosperity, happiness or satisfaction
    • Tell yourself that you deserve better in life, but don’t know how to get it
    • Can’t see how to be financially successful
    • Helping dealing with addictions
    • Financial worries
    • And for many other personal reasons...

For More Information On Brain Body Energy Centres Services - Call 044 7770011
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For More Information On Services:

Heartmath (Breath) Coaching - from | $80  

Combining scientific and human energetics, with breathing techniques to help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. Practiced by over 5 million people worldwide, and drawing from over 20 years of research, to bring about restructuring for life’s challenges and support oneself to overcome a myriad of problems.

Used by counsellors, psychologists, teachers, and hundreds of professions, and a wide range of people to help bring about positive change. Ongoing practice has been proven to help a multitude of areas and reduce depression by 60%, reduce anxiety by 46% and help increase focus and sleep, just to name a few.
A powerful essentially re-vitalising technique that encourages the body to re-balance and can truly only be understood and felt with experiencing it. Once learnt, it can then be practiced easily at home, at work, in the car and almost anywhere for enormous ongoing wellbeing benefits.

**Free Morning Sessions (***With Personalised Relaxation Session)

Call now for more information

Yes it’s free,, every morning. (for early birds..) Garvey Park, Ascot

Helping to bring about sustainable calm, relaxation, and builds amazing resilience. Group Session Breathing for sustainable growth, relaxationand building ongoing resilience. A great way to bring about lasting change and practically transform your life. Meeting and walking 6am every day. 

Personalised Olluminating Session - from $120 (includes Energy Computation Analysis)

Ideal for just about everyone who wants to, needs to, or has to relax more in life. For people who are finding that they cannot cope well with work, relationships, or are finding it hard to focus, or deal with feelings of stress or anxiety. For busy people who want some soothing time and to deal with their busy lives, and deal easier with work, relationships, family, children, wellbeing, personally and professionally. Especially helpful for people who cannot relax or find it difficult to meditate or sleep

A session can significantly help in a variety of ways, to enhance calm, the nervous system, and encourage more ease and balance and can assist in many areas of life. Helps release tensions and toxicity and help deal with trauma and negative thinking. Assisting with better making decisions, re-balancing emotions, increasing sleep, and ultimately encouraging the body to centre one’s energy and itself more.

Depending upon one’s needs, a session can include deep relaxation to help encourage more ease, or a more in-depth understanding of particular issues and problems followed by relaxation processes and techniques.

Ultimately the aim is to help mind, body, emotions and energy, and re-boost immunity and strengthen one’s ability to deal with stress and anxiety better and ultimately re-energise oneself by calming the body’s response systems and feel more vitality.

Hypnotherapy Special Only $120 Until December, 2019

Personally and professionally successful people are realising more and more that they want that ‘edge’ in a healthier way, and can save time, money and resources and bring about ongoing sustainable transformation faster and faster using Hypnotherapy. A secret used by many, yet not often spoken of, as an ongoing way, and tool and a way of helping life in a multitude of ways for work and personal life.

Hypnotherapy has been used in medicine and in complimentary medicine for hundreds of years, and can enhance one’s life profoundly. It can assist in many ways including to help manage stress and anxiety, lose weight, decision making and increase focus. Helping with enhancing relationships, increasing confidence and encourages more intuitive mind/ body balance, just to name a few. (read more about neuro and mind words in action)

A session and ongoing sessions can have enormous benefits to successfully deal with coping with the challenges of a busy and hectic lifestyle. To help re-balance, and significantly reduce or deal with pain, fluctuating emotions, loss, separation, grief, money problems, indigestion, sleep better and recovery. A transitional process can help release and then re-absorb stored verve. People are even using it for addictions and recovery.

Endless possibilities to encourage feeling more ongoing energy and more re-vitalised that lead to a desire to make better choices for one’s life leading to greater and more sustainable wellbeing and overall more successful results for a better lifestyle.

Finally people are realising and taking the stigma away as a Hypnotherapy session can assist significantly in a variety of ways to bring about profound, ongoing positive change and increase wellbeing, to feel rejuvenated, and even younger, lighter and more in control of one’s feelings to achieve a life you want and feel re-vitalised.

Personal Packages - Connect & Commit To You – 28 Day Program - from Only $300 for 3 Sessions (Save $150)

1/1 - For People Serious About Wanting To Succeed - A Personalised Program for 28 days – Guaranteed To Transform

An energising, transformational approach to getting your life back on track. Please ask about conditions and all inclusions. The main condition is that you ‘must’ be serious about wanting to create transformation in your life.

For Work, Personal Relationships & Greater Intuitive Wellbeing

    • Personalised attention for Maximum Transformation
    • 1 x Personalised Assessment Session
    • 3 Hypnotherapy Or Olluminating Sessions over the 28 days - reduced price to help you succeed even faster
    • Access to audio
    • Personalised Program Detoxing Strategies

The Best Retreats Available:

    • Half Day Retreats - Four Hour Focusing 
    • Only $390
    • (reduced from $650)
    • Great way to relax, release tension & even feel lighter – Four hours to totally focus on how to relax more and re-vitalise your life. 
    • Includes organic teas, snacks, park walk and more.

    • Full Day Retreat Empowering Your Senses  An Entire Day focusing on Your goals & You!
    • Only $690
    • (reduced from $1050)
    • Resolving Personal or Professional Problems Faster
    • A complete day of de-toxing, recovering, planning, releasing and revitalising on what you want in life - and make it happen. 
    • Includes a free Computational Energy Coaching Analysis.
      The best way to focus on you ! Includes organic teas, snacks, park walk, light lunch 

For More Information On Hypnotherapy or Retreat call us for a free consultation 044 7770011

What Would You Like To Discuss?

People come to  Brain Body Energy Centre for all kinds of personal reasons, and professional healing. To gain have a different perspective or for much more complex or life changing problems or situations.

Sometimes talking to a friend or family member is either too difficult, not possible, too awkward, or even scary. Or you may come in just want to take the pressure off your partner or family, or want to keep the issues completely confidential.

Here you have a personal approach that is impartial to discuss with someone professional who does not judge your situation and is not bias. A place where you are heard, and feel understood. A place to re-connect.

Brain Body Energy Centre allows for the ideal opportunity to tell your story, in a private confidential and empathetic surroundings. Take positive actions today and you won't be disappointed. 


Be assured that all sessions are private and confidential.

One to One or Face to Face, Telephone, Skype Or Zoom

One to one sessions that are face to face we feel have the best outcomes however we also offer Skype sessions upon request, especially for people who unable to attend face to face or for health reasons or who cannot get to the centre.

Additional Relationship concerns have also included 

    • Problems with partners or marital concerns
    • Conflict resolution or difficulties at home, work or relationships
    • Aggressive or highly stressful partners
    • Communication stressors
    • Divorce or separation problems
    • Trying to deal with someone who has a risk taking approach
    • Having difficulties dealing with a death or injury or illness
    • Trying to cope with difficult friends who are needy or interfering
    • Problems with money or inability to save
    • Not feeling appreciated, understood or being ignored
    • Intimacy concerns that need addressing delicate issues
    • Can't find suitable work or recently retrenched
    • Work or Career problems creating issues at home
    • Health concerns that you keep procrastinating about
    • Scared to make changes that you know you need to make
    • Trying to cope with friends or colleagues jealousies
    • Conflicts with working too much stressing your relationship
    • Not being able to get a raise or promotion
    • Don’t know what to do or want
    • People at work making your life difficult by being too demanding
    • Need to get support from family members or partner
    • Have always wanted to start working for yourself but are scared or don’t know how yet

Family Issues

    • Children that have anxiety or are suffering from depression 
    • Social Media concerns that seemingly can't be fixed
    • Dealing with family or friends who are into illegal situations or drugs
    • Separating and children are finding it hard to cope
    • Issues or problems with siblings, step-families, children or in laws
    • Difficulties coping at school
    • Personal development and self-growth
    • New relationship concerns your children are having
    • Not sure how to cope with Social Media or its impact in life
    • Coping with schooling, balancing, and life stressors
    • School or Workplace bullying
    • Having health problems or issues that are impacting your ability to parent
    • Have parents that are ageing or too demanding
    • Attending Xmas, marriage or a reunion that may be stressful
    • Dealing with family members who feel too interfering

Men’s & Women’s Wellbeing

    • Depression or Anxiety 
    • Emotional abuse or issues of abuse that need addressing
    • Feel threatened, scared or fearful 
    • Difficult issues that you don't know how to resolve


Certificate Of Completion Programs 

August through to December, 2019

Come and experience the benefits learning Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation and Olluminating.

Bookings Essential

Introduction Into Hypnotherapy & Olluminating Certification 

August, 4, 11, 18, 25

Sept, 1, 8, 15, 22

Oct, 6, 13, 20, 27

    • Intro Into Hypnotherapy & Olluminating Certificate - $120
    • A fabulous day of learning, fun and excitment
      (Includes: notes, organic teas, and snacks)

We Look Forward To Hearing From You, And Helping You To Achieve The Life And Successes That You Have Dreamed Of.

Appointments can be made after hours or work to help with busy schedules. Please call Brain Body Energy now on, 044 777 0011 for an appointment.



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