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Beaches Life Coaching

Kylie Chapman

Balgowlah NSW 2093

Beaches Life Coaching

How we choose to experience anything in this world is 100% up to us. No one makes us feel anything - either "good" or "bad" - it is up to us. We determine how we experience our world. We are responsible for how we choose to live and change our lives.
Are you in control of your thoughts, fears and emotions?

We all have huge potential within us for growth and change. To live a life on purpose.

Beaches Life Coaching


Kylie is passionate about helping others. With a background in Corporate Human Resources and finding Buddhism 17 years ago her natural desire to help others with kindness of spirit and compassion has led to a career in Life Coaching.

At 49 years of age she has overcome numerous challenging life experiences including IVF, multiple miscarriages, post natal depression, overcoming and living with chronic illness, divorce, being a single parent and financial distress. Not to mention the everyday stressors of life we all experience!

These many challenges have led to over 15 years of personal development and growth through counseling, therapy, psychology, psychiatric and medical intervention. All of which provides a first hand experience and understanding of the fragilities and strengths within us all.

Kylie is particularly passionate about divorced and separated women, and helping them overcome the stress and overwhelm they find themselves in.  Guiding them to find their new selves in order to live an empowered, fulfilled life of joy.

Her Buddhist path has resulted in a long relationship with a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Bir, India. Through large personal donation she has been able to make a massive, tangible, every day difference to the lives of the monks. Their extraordinary spirit is a never ending inspiration to herself and her boys.


Coaching Programs

Do any of the following sound familiar? Do they strike a chord with you?

Feeling stuck and can't see past the current hurdles in your life?
Have a lack of direction and feel lost?
Unable to get clarity on the direction you want your life to take?
Low self esteem and self worth?
Tired of not feeling heard? Of conflict with others?
In need of greater balance in your work, life and social life?
Are you ready to expand your comfort zone?

What to expect from your sessions

Your Coach will ask you questions, challenge current ways of thinking, identify your inconsistencies and guide you to true transformation.

We’ll determine what it is you want to achieve. Together we’ll define your goals and set in place practical, achievable steps to meet them.

Your coaching sessions will provide you with quick and effective results to move you into a more positive future.

Are you ready to cough up some of those emotional furballs? Then book in your free initial 30 minute consultation to see if coaching is for you.

All sessions are confidential and can be done via phone or Skype. Local home/coffee shop/park sessions available on request.

Coaching Programs
Prices do not include GST

Sessions are weekly unless otherwise agreed and are 60 minutes duration. 5% off all packages if paid in full on commencement.

5% of any coaching package goes directly to Dirru Monastery, India (Tibetan Buddhist Monastery) for breakfast and education costs of all monk boys.

One on One Coaching
Bring to the session whatever is creating a block for you. Sometimes one session is all that is required. However we usually suggest a minimum of 3 – 6 sessions dependent on the individual.
$150 + GST

Self Love Program
3 x 1 hr sessions over a period of a month, includes email support and relevant Success Tools.

* Understand The 5 Steps To Lack
* Recognise The Code Of Why
* 5 Steps To Self Love
* Learn The 6 Core Needs
$600 + GST

Foundation Program
6 x 1 hr sessions over 2 months, includes email support and relevant Success Tools

* Discover Your Ideal Self
* Overcoming Fear
* Seeing The Bigger Picture
* Becoming Selfish
* Developing Generosity
* Embracing Uncertainty
$900 + GST

Clarity & Life Balance Program
3 x 1 hour sessions over 1 month, includes email support and relevant Success Tools

* Identify Areas Of Your Life That Are Out Of Balance
* Gain Clarity Around Your Values And Beliefs
* Identify And Create Your Ideal Day
* Live A Life Of Purpose
$450.00 + GST

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