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How can Naturopathy help me?

Sadly, not many individuals have perfect wellbeing and health, or even possess the knowledge of how to effectively improve one’s health in a natural manner, so there are always areas that can be improved upon. The body has an intrinsic healing ability, and provided with the correct tools and nurturing, we have the ability to correct ourselves and restore balance.

I will start by conducting a comprehensive and full health record, of both you and your family history. I will conduct tests where required and necessary, and I will also take a record of your nutritional diary for at least four days.

Depending on what is right for your individual health concerns, we may utilise an exercise plan, nutrition plan, herbal medicines or supplements that are tried and proven. (The oldest form of medicine known to mankind).

Nutrition is my primary focus, but over the years I have learned that it is not necessarily what you eat, but what you are actually absorbing that makes the real difference.

Utilising a holistic approach – which includes the digestive system (to mention just a few: food intolerances, malabsorption, colitis and leaky gut) – needs resolving before a nutrient rich diet will have any sort of significant and positive impact on your health.

The busy and stressful world that we live in now causes much stress and can be extremely detrimental to our wellbeing if we aren’t mindful of taking time out of our schedule to balance our bodies. Assisting my clients to minimise the effects of stress on their health, and instructing them with techniques on how to cope with an overwrought nervous system will lower depression and anxiety, and lead to reducing inevitable associated problems like medications and insomnia.

I will work effective to correct the underlying issues as opposed to simply treating the symptoms.

Within this method of treatment I will also incorporate lifestyle changes like sleep improvement, weight loss, exercise, stress reduction, and most importantly a healthy diet. I am here to help you monitor and keep your health on track – and health from the inside, out.

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About Bees Knees Naturopathy Canberra Hi! I’m Maryanne Picker, the qualified Naturopath at Bees Knees Naturopathy.

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