Be Free Healing

Roxy Good

Green Point NSW 2251

Servicing area: Gosford

Focus area: Healing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Energetic healing ...

Holistic healing that invites calm, relaxation, and a deep sense of well being into your life.

Be Free Healing

I am a gentle and compassionate intuitive healer who takes a holistic approach to healing, integrating all aspects of your being. I heal from the heart and it is my purest intention to help you find freedom from inner conflict and in turn, find your inner peace.

Holding space in a safe and contained way, I am here to guide you through the healing journey using tools and techniques that helped me during hard times.

During sessions, I work to clear physical, mental, spiritual and emotional blockages, restoring balance and infusing your being with the purest form of love and light.

 Feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, lost, tired, or heartbroken? Let's work together to get to the root and clear these blocks. I am here to help. 

Some of the powerful tools I offer include Reiki, EFT, Breathwork, Chakra Alignment, Manifestation, Inner Child Work and Life Coaching.

These modalities help create deep and meaningful shifts in your life helping you to feel calmer, more at ease, lighter, brighter and clearer.

I am merely a catalyst for your healing. You are an extremely powerful and magical being. You are the one who truly does the healing.

About  Me

Before stepping into the healing journey, my life had been filled with a myriad of seemingly overwhelming emotions, physical ailments, and general unease. 

I felt unhealthy and broken. I felt trapped in my anxious mind. Like there was no way out.

Until one day, I had the realisation that the only way out, was through.

I found tools and techniques that allowed me to uncover what these emotions were trying to tell me.

I stopped running and sought help. These healing modalities that I share with you were shared with me during my turbulent times and I only use methods that dramatically helped me.

Over time I saw what a dramatic change my life had taken. I started feeling like a whole new person and it is my honour to help you through this journey.

Qualification details

Certified Energy Healer through The Academy of Energy Healing

Certified Reiki 1, 2 & 3 through The Academy of Energy Healing

Certified Reiki Master through The Academy of Energy Healing


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This practitioner provides online consults
Be Free Healing