Diana Scanlan - Medical Intuitive Healer

Servicing area: Avalon NSW, Australia wide consultations using Skype or phone

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Facilitating your return to vibrant health and wellness of mind, body and spirit

Diana Scanlan - Medical Intuitive Healer

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Do you have an illness, disease or problem that is difficult to resolve or recurring?

As a Medical Intuitive Healer I have the gift of being able to "see"and source the cause of your illness or disease whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual in origin, to remove it and restore you to vibrant health.

This is a totally relaxing "hands off" experience. During your session you may feel pleasant sensations of warmth, tingling or even beautiful colours surrounding you, as have some of my clients, or you may experience nothing. Whatever happens is perfect for you at this time.

I will also suggest ways for you to speed your healing between sessions, and offer a Oneness blessing.

This healing is equally powerful by skype or phone.

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Medical Intuitive Healing

A Medical Intuitive Healer has the ability to see or inwardly know the underlying emotional and spiritual cause of your illness or disease. To enable healing to remain stabilized these causes need to be addressed and cleared.

This is where a Medical Intuitive Healer has the ability to both source and integrate progression towards total health of body, mind and spirit.

Thus the whole person is healed at an incredibly deep level, and in an holistic and safe way.


  • Injuries
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Digestive issues
  • Autism
  • Stress and Fatigue
  • Heart and Circulation
  • Gallstones
  • Mind and Body Detoxification
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Low Bone Density
  • Broken Bones
  • Pain
  • Recovery From Surgery


"I just want to thank you again for making the time to give me healing last night. I had the best sleep since June 2015 (when I first got sick) last night. I woke up a couple of times and saw the waves of energy moving across my head and just fell straight back to sleep again.

My nervous system feels much more settled today than it has for about 18 months.

I am so happy I have found you and experienced your gentle, kind healing and look forward to connecting with you again in the future. I have tried other healing but none has been like what I experienced last night."

- Karen H.

"Diana is the 'REAL DEAL'! And, as an added bonus her presence and energy is like talking to an Angel. I've worked with many healers & healing systems so I feel qualified to offer this recommendation. After our first session, I broke down in tears. Mostly from her love and support BUT, because I finally felt 'heard'. She saw me - ALL of me - confirmed what I knew, could literally see every problem area, down to the vertebra (without prior knowledge) and she has the most amazing ability to hold a space of unconditional love and a knowing that all will be well. I cannot recommend her enough!

Part of Diana's work is to uncover & clear self-sabotage mental programs - SHE IS AMAZING AT THIS, I love her and I know you will too."

- Katherine St. Klairre

"I wish I had found you sooner, thank you so much for your kindness and understanding and thanks to you I am now well enough to think about my future, free from the pain I have suffered for ten years."

- Mavis W

"The sessions are incredibly helpful. I can defiantly feel subtle changes and learning more about myself is priceless. You have such a lovely manner, gentle voice and kind attitude.. I love my sessions with you.. just wanted to express my gratitude."

- Nerissa D

"Diana is a beautiful person with an amazing gift to see inside the human body & heal. She has treated all our family with incredible results. In particular, Diana has worked extensively on our 2 year old's health problems and the recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. We have recommended Diana to friends and family who also echo our thoughts that Diana is absolutely "the real deal". Her empathetic and kind nature, coupled with her incredible ability make her an outstanding medical intuitive healer."

- Kate F

“Diana is a healer of immense importance. She sends me healing for various problems, and they always get resolved after she works on me. I have rarely encountered healing skills at her level"

- Elaine Woodall. Medical Intuitive and Healer, New York City.

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Medical Intuitive Healer

Diana Scanlan - Medical Intuitive Healer