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Roslyn Oliver

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Roslyn Oliver has been in practice for over 3 decades.

Belgrave Naturopathic Centre

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Belgrave Heights, Victoria

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Lifestyle Thermal Life path Facial Headaches Wellness

As a naturopath I practice the modalities of iridology mixed with clinical diagnosis, tongue diagnosis etc. Nutrition was one of the basic subjects covered as a naturopath. As a naturopath I take the whole person into account so that your leg for instance is not divorced from your whole body. The big picture is evaluated including lifestyle, social setting and family background. Some cases do require more time initially on the first visit. I have a vega machine to diagnose energies if needed. I also use bach flowers, celloids, minerals, vitamins, homeopathy and prescription herbs. Naturopathy was a four year course with a summer school of chemistry and physics at the Southern School of Naturopathy. I am a fellow of ANTA. The modalities chosen in the 70s were acupuncture, botanic medicine, homeopathy and osteopathy.

However instead of osteopathy I now practice remedial therapy. Remedial Therapy is where I look for where there are problems and alleviate them with a mixture of myofascial release, bowen, acupressure and remedial stretching . Necks (along with headaches), back problems, golf or tennis elbow, knees, wrists, thumbs and ankles are popular regularly attended to with this.

Acupuncture is also used for these and other problems. I received a diploma from Melbourne Acupuncture and carried on extra studies with Australian Acupuncture afterwards which included microbiology at Phillip Institute and further studies at Victoria University. I am a member of AACMA. I grandfathered as a member into the Chinese Medical Board with Chinese Medicine (acupuncture). Laser, needles, moxabustion, cupping and acupressure are often included as tools. Chinese facial diagnosis but also Chinese pulse, abdomen and now thermal diagnosis some into play frequently.
In fact thermal diagnosis is the latest tool to evaluate which points need treating for the overall wellness of the patient. This has only been out on the Australian lecture circuit this year from America . Thermal diagnosis also can extrapolate into the fluid tides of the body which can also be evaluated for the integrity of the person and where to needle. Many types of energy the body displays add up to the overall picture.

There has been a continual gathering of healing tools along the way including learning to do magnetic balancing with pulsing fingers. This was called biomagnetic synchronisation technique(BMST).

Another new tool is reconnective healing. This is where I am reconnected to the universe. Healing comes through if deemed not a karmic problem. I often work through and beyond the body. This is one of the more recent additions in tools for healing. Level one and level two were studied at the University of NSW with lecturers from America. Recently I have added level three as well.
In the early 1990s hypnotherapy and some post graduate hypnotherapy was included in the overall healing tools. This also lead to thought field therapy and BSFF (be set free fast). Further studies at university led to dual award degree of Social Science with a major in psychology. This was the second four years of solid block learning in my life path along with running my business at the same time and into 2am nights frequently. I like Louis Hayes mind set and run with that often. I also mix and match a lot of my tools to suit the case along with the patients preference included in the overall picture.

One of my best memories as a healer helper was when I was first told I had saved a patients life.

Consultations are made by phone 97545857 or email Work hours are from 10am by appointment only and include up til 8pm some evenings and some Saturdays are also available depending on meetings and seminars.

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