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Tap Into Your Potential with Believe EFT. Elizabeth is a successful EFT Practitioner who can often help you when nothing else works. Elizabeth offers Personal Change Facilitation, Personal Performance Coaching, Private Consultations and Group Workshops

Believe EFT

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Modbury, South Australia

Focus areas

Negative emotions Anxiety Emotions Fear Well-being Stress management

Whether you are searching for an EFT Practitioner, need a Personal Performance Coach or are just curious about 'tapping', I hope you find this page useful and leave it with some food for thought.

Consultations are held in Modbury or over Skype. After the initial consultation, phone sessions are available if required.


Emotions cause physical symptoms
Have you ever really looked at the word 'disease'? Take another look. DIS-EASE. Just a coincidence? More and more research is finding that emotions cause physical symptons. Therefore we have to assume that negative emotions will have a harmful effect on our bodies.

Stress ranks right up there as one of the main causes of serious health issues. EFT has many uses, some of the more common ones are to: reduce stress; treat fears and phobias; treat anxieties; assist weight loss; provide pain relief; give up smoking; recover emotionally from traumatic experiences and to remove self limiting beliefs. By removing our negative emotions we greatly increase our chances of good health and wellbeing.

Safe, EFFECTIVE and easy to use
EFT is safe, effective and painless for adults and children. The technique is non-invasive and doesn't require the re-living of every painful moment of a traumatic experience. Imagine being able to teach our children how to effectively deal with their fears and worries from an early age? To have no self limiting beliefs and to have the knowledge that they can be and do whatever they choose...What a gift!

Emotional version of acupuncture
The Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on various acupressure points while concentrating on an issue in a particular way. Imagine acupuncture without the needles - just tapping lighty with your fingertips instead. That's EFT.

EFT is helping thousands of people all over the world. Many of them tried EFT as a last resort and had their lives changed for the better as a result.

How many of the following questions can you answer 'yes' to?:

  • Do you suffer from anxiety/phobias?
  • Do you have any memories that you cringe at?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic event?
  • Are you nervous about taking a test or an exam?
  • Are you nervous at the thought of public speaking?
  • Are you trying to lose weight?
  • Are you pregnant and worrying about labour and childbirth?
  • Do you want to attract abundance into your life?
  • Do you have a child suffering from nightmares?
  • Are you scared of flying?
  • Are you trying to give up smoking?
  • Are you one of the thousands who are stressed?
  • Would you like to improve your performance?
  • Could your self esteem do with a boost?
  • Would you like your confidence to be higher?

All of the above have been successfully treated with EFT many times over, all over the world. EFT often works where nothing else will which is why the catch phrase "Try it on Everything" is so appropriate.
I feel so privileged to be involved in this emerging industry and hope that you give EFT a go whether you want to remove self limiting beliefs or address a specific issue.

See what clients are saying:
"I found Elizabeth to be a warm, caring person who was able to put me at ease with discussing any Personal Performance concerns I had, the tapping was non invasive and relaxing. Once the treatment was completed, I felt positive and relaxed, like a great weight had been taken off me, it was like being on a natural high. I highly recommend this type of treatment!!!!!" KT, West Lakes

"Just had my first session with Elizabeth. I was amazed at how quickly she discovered my ‘core belief’ and was able to remove so much of the emotion around this belief. In just one hour I felt a definite shift in the emotions surrounding my issues. Can’t wait for our next session so my quality of life can definitely improve." BS, Adelaide

"Through language patterns and EFT, Elizabeth was able to give me a greater boost of confidence and a more professional edge. I love EFT. It is so simple and effective and Elizabeth is a natural coach who puts you immediately at ease. I would recommend a session with Elizabeth to anyone looking to improve their well being." K Kubik, Highgate

"I have been scared of flying for 7 years, and have been looking at many techniques to overcome this. Recently I had stumbled across focussing on the emotion of fear as a way to help reduce my fear. While this worked and I have been able to make a couple of trips to Thailand as well as control myself on a number of business flights, it did not help when it came to turbulence. After further research and given my success at dealing with the emotion of the fear, I decided to use the EFT technique as this would address my emotions to a deeper level that I couldn’t normally address. I contacted Liz about a session, and she asked me a few key questions about the fear and we met. I asked for an emergency meeting as I was headed off on another business flight within the week and Liz was able to meet me in my office for a private session. We did a full hour session and it was surprising to find that my fear was actually based on something completely not related to flying! I reported back to Liz when I got back that the fun has been taken out of flying, which is good! No longer do I sit in fear waiting for turbulence to happen, I am now bored and now have to commence bringing books and magazines on the flight again so I have something to keep me busy."
I will be doing more sessions with Liz, one is to make turbulence fun and something to be looked forward to, to focus on long haul flights and to help me keep focussed with my training sessions and nutrition for a marathon I will be running in September. I consider EFT now as important part of my healthy life. Internal health, physical health and mental health all equal a very bright and happy future to be excited about!" LT, Glenelg

Please contact me on 0430 923 121 with any questions or to have a no-obligation chat to see how I can help you. Alternatively you can visit my website for more information. I hope to speak with you soon.

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