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Bella Fit

Hayley Rothery

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Bella Fit fitness launched January 2014. Bella Fit is run by Hayley Rothery who had the goal of making exercise a fun, social experience that not only got great results, but provided a non threatening, easy going and accessible environment for all.

Bella Fit

About Us

Bella Fit is based in the Northern Beaches and run by Hayley Rothery. Today our mission is simple, we're here to provide health and fitness education that empowers women and inspires happy and healthy communities.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 5 years in both indoor and outdoor environments. I’m recently a new mum toa 4 month old boy, Tyler. I support a lifestyle of healthy eating and active living that is enjoyable and sustainable. I enjoyed physical activity during my pregnancy, such as light fitness, yoga and aqua aerobics some of which I have
continued after the birth of my son.

I am motivated to educate and help people set and achieve their goals through a balanced exercise and lifestyle program, physically and mentally. My goal is to make exercise a fun, social experience that not only gets results, but provides a non-threatening and easy
going environment.
My training sessions are designed to be enjoyable, effective, and easily incorporated in to my clients' already hectic lifestyles.

Perhaps even more importantly, there is so much misinformation and contradiction around fitness and nutrition, so we're on a mission to re-educate women on the scientific facts that are proven to achieve long lasting, healthy results.

Personal Training and Small Group Training

Personal Training

My training sessions are designed to be enjoyable, effective and are specifically tailored to the individual's fitness and health goals. They are programmed so that there is consistency in the style of training so that you build on your strength and fitness but there is also a variety of exercises so that you won't plateau or become bored of the same routine.

Prenatal Training

We also specialise in prenatal fitness. Prenatal fitness has many benefits, including helping maintain fitness and strength as well as a happy, healthy state of mind. It also helps you prepare physically and emotionally for labour and prepares you for recovery after your baby has arrived. We will provide a program that suits your fitness level and stage of pregnancy and is modified where needed.

Small Group Training (SGT)

Similar to personal training, SGT are designed to be enjoyable and effective. SGT provides strength and endurance classes that are designed for time efficient, yet effective, full body workouts. They are personable as they range from 2-5 people. Males are welcome.

Qualification details

Master Trainer Certificate III and
Certificate IV in Fitness
Fitness Australia Exercise Professional
Punchfit Trainer
Bootcamp & Outdoor Training
Prenatal and Postnatal Prescription
Kettlebell Training and Conditioning
Positive Practise for the Pelvic Floor
Kangoo Jumps
Senior First Aid Certificate and CPR

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