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Better Body Beauty Sanctuary

Vicky Jamieson

194 Bay Rd
Sandringham VIC 3191

Better Body Beauty Sanctuary

Do you want awesome looking skin even though you are over 40yrs?
Tired of all the gimmicks that promise youth and flawless skin?
Want to keep it natural but want it to WORK!

You’ve come to the right place...

Better Body Beauty Sanctuary

I believe what you put On your skin, IN your body and also HOW you relax..or stress out.. keeps you looking younger....even as you grow older...

I want to show YOU how to age gracefully with more energy, vitality and of course a gorgeous skin that all your girlfriends are jealous of!

Working long hours, juggling responsibilities and being a Super-Mum or Wonder-Woman isn't going to cut it if you want to look gorgeous and have less lines and wrinkles...

So let me show you how to have more balance, mindfully - in your life, more energy than ever before and of course kick butt on those crow's feet.

About Me

Hi my name is Vicky Jamieson.

I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist and Holistic Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach and Skin Expert.

I have owned my own Beauty Therapy clinic for over 20 years and specialised in a completely holistic approach to my client’s total well-being, giving anti-ageing tips that helped them age gracefully, including a special focus on the unique powers of plants, aromatherapy, stress management and vitamin therapy.

After quite a few years of trying to find balance while being a busy Mum, loving wife, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, I realised I wasn’t winning and in fact I was more tired than ever!

I ate well, exercised regularly, did yoga and loved what I did...but I was still worn out by the end of every day and I knew I was taking it out on the people I cared about most

...I also realised I was burning out!

...and I was only 40!! Surely there had to be a better way..

I started with a new health regime – one that working internally and externally which fitted with my holistic approach to life and didn’t take up too much time or effort with concoctions and potions.

I found I had more energy, was less stressed and had more balanced moods.

I shared this with my clients and colleagues, friends and family and now it is my passion to help women (and men) all over the planet, create balance, fantastic energy and a beautiful skin. Because ageing gracefully is all about wellness...from the inside and the outside – body, mind, spirit.

Anti-ageing is creating skin that you can be proud of and that makes you “sing” from the inside.

I feel a great need to share my expertise with women who have been too busy to do all the “right” things for their skin or have been too busy looking after everyone else, but care enough about themselves to be proud of who they are and more importantly teach our kids to make the right choices with skincare, with food that keeps them “clean” and full of vitality and positive attitudes that build them up to have fabulous lives so they are confident in their own skins..and we in ours, no matter what our age!

My expertise and tips give you true "time out" concepts to take to YOUR world to create un-busy-ness and serenity to make your skin glow.

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