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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy

Dr Bruce Alexander

77 Willsmere Rd
Kew VIC 3101

Servicing area: Kew, VIC


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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy
Now offering video and telephone hypnotherapy consultations in addition to private clinic consultations with Dr. Bruce Alexander.
Dr Bruce Alexander has devoted his life to the improvement of psychological and physical health.

Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Clinical Hypnotherapy – Melbourne

About Dr Bruce Alexander

Dr Bruce Alexander started off his career as a medical research scientist, where he and his co-workers were able to highlight an important gene in the development of Leukaemia.

The majority of cancers are related to or caused by lifestyle issues, for example eating, smoking poor sleep, drinking or a lack of exercise. Many cancers can be prevented by behavioural changes, however this often a lot easier said than done. Hypnosis is an amazing tool for behavioural change as well as an effective method to help to resolve stress and emotional related issues.

In 1999 Bruce completed training in clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy at The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science. Since that time Bruce has been able to assist many thousands of private patients to resolve a range of psychological and physical issues. Bruce has been able to apply his extensive range of clinical and research skills and tools to the corporate sector by offering his programs in smoking cessation and stress resilience.

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Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnotherapist, Dr. Bruce Alexander can offer you private Hypnotherapy consultations at his clinic in Kew.

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