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Valerie is a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc) and Massage Therapist.  She helps women over 40 regain control of their food and lifestyle so they live in a body that works well and looks good.
Her passion is to share the therapeutic value of Food, Fast and Mindfulness to manage weight gain, fatigue and mood swings.

About Valerie

Valerie is coaching women over 40 to regain control over their diet and lifestyle so they start to live the active and productive life they deserve.

She is often referred to as a Wellness Facilitator. She doesn't believe in little tips and tricks about managing health and life. She is looking for the root causes so her clients can live a conscious and deliberate life.

She is offering support and individual, research-based, protocols for the management of menopausal symptoms such as:

  • Weight gain or difficulty to lose weight
  • Stress, overwhelm and anxiety
  • Digestive issues, including food sensitivities, constipation, or abdominal pain
  • Fatigue, tiredness or constant low energy
  • Mood swings

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“Valerie is not only a brilliant therapist but to be in her presence is also a big hug for your soul. Valerie is truly professional yet personable. She always consults on what you want to achieve and then delivers to the highest level.” – Julie, Mum of 3

“When I’ve started to work with Valerie, I was unhealthy, overweight, and just feeling sluggish all the time. The most obvious change about where I am now is the weight loss. But I’m also much happier about how I feel about myself.” – Sue-Anne, executive, mother of 3

“I was inspired by my friend who completed Valerie’s program. I thought this program might be able to help me with my constant niggling “tummy” concerns plus also lose a little bit of weight…… and it did! Valerie is an excellent mentor and I have learnt so much.” – Jill

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Qualification details

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine)
Diploma Remedial Massage
Certified Oncology Massage Therapist (Module II)
Yoga Teacher
Accredited member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

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Your vitality with Valerie