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Jerome Dean

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Be Well Feel Better

Servicing area

Cheltenham, Mentone, Victoria

Focus areas

Stress management Aches & pains Fitness Frozen shoulder Headaches Joy

Massage has been used as a natural remedy for many common ailments from headaches to foot aches, by many cultures for many centuries.

By stimulating the blood flow through the body it allows the body to more effectively heal it self

As a qualified massage therapist I am able to make you feel better

Relaxation Massage $80/hr


$100 for 90 minutes

    • This is a great way to de stress for an hour or so


    • No phones, no demands worries


    • The massage room is well heated and air conditioned


    • Soft relaxing background music


    • Subtle low level lighting


    • A great way to relax while I untie the knots in your body


Hot Stone Massage


First I apply a liberal amount of massage oil over your whole body. Then I rub you with hot stones The heat from the stones quickly transfers to the oil ...and you have the most pleasurable experience as the heat finds its way deep into you. My hands and arms even my torso work into your muscles. Your whole body and mind will open up as I massage deeper and deeper. You will feel like a new person Completely without stress.

Couples Massage


Learn to massage while being massaged.

You lie on the table...I will start by massaging your legs while showing your partner some basic massaging techniques...soon she/he will be massaging you as well. You will have the glorious experience of having four hands massaging your legs.Together your partner and I will work over your entire body .....all the time I will be guiding her/him in my style of massage.You will feel total bliss.

After an hour or so...we will switch now your turn to be the student and your partner the pampered....

Hopefully you will continue to massage each other for years to come.

Mobile Massage rates from $100


If you are unable to come to my practice

Or if you feel more comfortable in your own home

Why not let me come to you?

Sports Massage $80/hr


Great for all sports people of all levels all sports

The therapy is customized to the type of sport

I have been playing tennis and rugby union most of my I really empathize with the aches and pains from sport.

Some common injuries massage therapy can help with

    • Tennis Elbow


    • Hamstring


    • Ankle


    • neck strains


    • frozen shoulder


    • Sciatic nerve pain and many others


Massage makes the muscles more supple increases flexibility and mobility Helping in both recovery from injury and injury prevention

Corporate Massage


Have me spend the day at your workplace and massage your whole team

The improved blood flow ...will improve alertness and decrease stress in your workplace

Your team will feel better and work better

Benefits of a Massage


    • Regardless of your level of fitness or age you can benefit from a good massage


    • Regular massages help prevent injury as well as make you feel better


    • Regular massage will help you get more out of your workouts and more out of yourself


    • Energize your body and your mind so you can better handle the stresses of every day


To make an appointment call Jerome

Phone 0432 192 329

I can visit you 7 days a week 9 am to 11pm

Or visit me
52 Balcombe Road
Mentone VIC 3194



“The best massage I have had in many years”
Michael Morris -Hairdresser ,Cheltenham

“The most thorough massage I have ever had”
Darcy Tipene –Moorabbin Rugby Club

“My legs feel like new”
Dean Ellis-Tennis Coach, Dendy Park

Ryan Shellim - Sandringham Sabres

“Is going to have a massage with Jerome every month” Simon Gurowski-Tennis Coach,Parkdale “This massage really helps with stress and muscle fatigue, regular massage will not only help tired muscles but also help prevent aches and pains”
Jenni McIver – Bustamove - Blackrock

“I had sustained chronic muscle damage over the years and tried a number of therapies including massage…Only when I experienced Jerome’s massage have I had sustained improvement. I now no longer experience post performance pain and am enjoying my work again.”
Christine -Puppeteer -Fairytale Puppet Theatre,Mentone

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