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Bring about healing that lasts by targeting the root cause of your condition. Discover your body's ability to heal naturally.


If any of these complaints describe you, BodyTalk can help

  • Chronic pain/pain management
  • Sports injuries
  • Mental disharmony - depression, anxiety, relief from painful memories, addressing fears and phobias, general stress, etc.
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Digestive disorders
  • Children's developmental delays and learning difficulties such as Autism
  • Migraines
  • Common cold and flu
  • Arthritis
  • And much more!
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What Clients Say

"After seeing Ava two days ago to treat my stiff shoulder that has been playing up for years, as well as my digestion (bloating, food intolerances, etc.) amongst many other things including hormonal issues and anxiety, I am finally starting to see results." 

Mel – Australia

“My 7 year old was diagnosed with ASD/ADHD. After just 1 session she was much more comfortable around large groups of people, and her social skills improved in just a few days. I was amazed and so happy we tried this.”

Melanie - Australia

“After 25 years of adult acne and having spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of treatments, 2 sessions with Ava calmed my cystic acne and allowed it to start to heal, and it hasn't come back.  I can't tell you what it has done for my confidence and sense of peace.”

Olivia - Australia

"After my first BodyTalk appointment, for the FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS I got my period. After seeing countless doctors, specialists, taking pills and potions, nothing had helped. I did nothing different except see you."  

Nat – Australia

"We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year without luck. We are now happy to say that one month after our BodyTalk session our pregnancy test showed positive." 

Robby & Karlien – Belgium

“It just works! Ava is a caring, genuine soul who has helped me immeasurably!  To resolve my depression and PTSD I had tried counsellors, psychologists and medication…none helped. Ava did! Just take a leap of faith in her amazing knowledge and skills.” 

Simon - Australia

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Hi, my name is Ava and I am your BodyTalk Practitioner. I teach people about the self healing ability of the human body. I teach people how to live a more courageous and authentic version of themselves by peeling back outdated conditioning.

It was during a personal journey to improved health and wellness that serendipity directed me to the curative power of BodyTalk therapy. After years of chronic illness, the shift I experienced through BodyTalk was so profound that I decided to leave my career as a financial analyst and pursue certification with the International BodyTalk Association. 

I hold a degree in business with a double major in psychology and management. It is this grounding that sets me apart from other practitioners in this field.

BodyTalk aims to identify and remove the conscious and unconscious energetic and emotional barriers to health and wellbeing by using a process of structured questioning and muscle testing. This therapy helps to liberate the untapped healing energies that are available to all of us. In this way, BodyTalk can work well on it’s own or as a perfect compliment to any other therapy, particularly when progress appears to have stalled or results have not been achieved.

Continuously seeking ways in which we can each experience a fuller expression of ourselves fuels my passion for helping others. I believe we each have the innate power and potential within us to be truly happy and healthy.

My video introduction here is a quick hello to introduce myself. If you're curious to explore your potential with me... Contact us


Qualification details

Bachelor of Management and Psychology
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Member of the International BodyTalk Association
Certified Yoga Instructor

Service categories

BodyTalk Practitioner Introduction

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