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Beyond Mastery of Life

Maryam Saligheh

Castle Hills NSW 2153

Leading you to revelations that will create instant breakthroughs and changes in your immediate reality.

Beyond Mastery of Life - Life Coaching

As a published author of self-help and spirituality with Ph.D. credentials, I offer sessions that will allow you to realize the subconscious roots of your conscious behaviors including actions, reactions, gestures, body language, decisions, and moods. 
Behaviors at the conscious level are the symptoms of emotions and thoughts formed in the subconscious.  Not realized by you, as a result, will lead you to create realities that are self-defeating. These unrecognized patterns and manifested realities can challenge your sense of worthiness. Causing the emergence of behaviors including escapism, resentment, self-deprivation, a sense of revenge, dissatisfaction, clinging, and being a reactionary person. 
As part of your session, you will learn the skills and techniques which you can implement to further enhance your awareness.

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Beyond Mastery of Life - Life Coaching