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Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy

Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy

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Bikram Hot Yoga Classes Fitzroy

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Fitzroy North, Brunswick East, Abbortsford, Northcote, Carlton, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria

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In a certified Bikram Yoga studio, a trained Bikram Yoga educator will instruct the first exact hour and a half sequence of 26 postures and two breathing activities, in a room warmed to 40º with 40% humidity, on a suitable floor surface that diminishes the danger of damage through slipping.

Every posture, in the Bikram series, is held in a static position for a particular timeframe. This takes after an ancient yogic principle that instructs you to hold your body in stillness, in a specific position, with optimal alignment and use your breath and focus to create mental, emotional and physical change.

Bikram studios may offer different classes and exercises yet their fundamental focus will always be around the Original Hot Yoga 90 min session.


Bikram Hot Yoga's one of a kind arrangement of 26 postures and 2 breathing activities is composed particularly to help you increase balance all through your bodies' frameworks. While numerous individuals do Bikram Hot Yoga because they enjoy it, it is an incredible approach to remove discomfort and pain.


  • Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular workout
  • Rapid healing from disease and injury
  • Deeper perfusion of blood into organs and tissues
  • Easier and safer stretching and opening of the musculoskeletal structures

Why the Heat?

The room is heated for many reasons:

  • Your soft tissues are softer and more relaxed, allowing a safer deeper stretching to occur. The profuse sweating both detoxifies the body and also produces a natural cooling mechanism to help prevent the body from overheating
  • This environment raises the heart rate to produce a cardiovascular workout. The heat also lowers the viscosity (thickness) of the blood, allowing it to flow more easily and deeply into tissues and organs to help in healing injured areas.
  • Your immune function is boosted.
  • The focus developed in this environment strengthens your discipline, determination and power of concentration.
  • During your first class, the heat is usually a significant distraction! However, over time, you will begin to love the heat and will only notice the heat if the room is not hot enough!

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