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Our Weight Management and Detox Programs are specifically designed for you to regain control of your life and start feeling great again. Come in and try them for yourself and find out how they are able to help you. 

B Inspired Healthy Lifestyle - Weight Loss & Detox


Weight Management

Your pack will include:

Protein Powder (whey or vegan) – to support healthy weight and muscles

    • Gluco balance – to help maintain normal blood glucose levels, reduce sweet cravings and decrease appetite

    • P2 Detox – to support normal phase ll detoxification processes in the live

    • Eating for health booklet

    • Health journal

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Detox programs are specifically designed to help with weight loss, cleanse the liver, reduce inflammation, promote skin health, and improve overall health.

You should strongly consider a detox if you are experiencing any of these symptoms?

    • Have trouble losing weight

    • Been or are exposed to toxins

    • Can’t stay focused or concentrate

    • Always tired and lack energy

    • Experience muscle and joint aches and pains

    • Sensitivity to smells

    • Experience constipation or bloating

    • Eat a lot of processed foods

    • Drink tap water that contains fluoride

    • Have body odor and or bad breath

    • Skin breakout

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