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Elena Popa Vostov & Dan Vostov

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Time to clear up that skin problem?
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Our clinic has an excellent track record
...where others fail
Why? Because we take your whole body into account
while applying 3 powerful approaches:
• Acupuncture (& laser alternative)
• Chinese Herbs
• Diet & Lifestyle Advice
acupuncture, herbs & diet
it’s HOW we use these to help you. Your treatment plan is designed especially for your specific biological composition.
The focus? To create results for now and the long-term.
Elena Popa Vostov & Dan Vostov
Fully qualified:
B.Health Sc.Trad.Chin.Med.; Grad.Cert.Herb.Med.
Industry association members:

Our main focus is on clearing skin conditions.
We understand how tough it can be to have one...
We treat many conditions - including:
• acne & dermatitis
• eczema
• psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis
• itchy skin/urticaria
• dry & flaky skin
• hives
• painful scars & resultant adhesions 
• nerve rash
• rosacea, chloasma & vitiligo
• melanosis
• lupus
Cosmetic skin rejuvenation & acupuncture facelifts
• ageing skin
• wrinkles
• spotting
• cellulite

Your treatment plan
A plan, designed especially for you, will include clear expected outcomes.
Treating more than skin
Where possible, concurrent conditions can be treated at the same time as a skin condition (e.g. digestive problems, insomnia, headaches, stress).
Afraid of needles? No problem
Our acupuncture needles are very thin (not like injections), but we also offer ‘laser light' acupuncture as a needle alternative.
Easy herbs
We make sure our herbs are easy for you to take.
Manageable diet
Our clients generally find our dietary recommendations more than manageable.
Evidence of success?
Chinese Medicine has been successfully practiced for over 3,000 years, treating both the root cause AND the symptoms.
Your choice
It is your body, so it is always your choice.
Visit our online store
We create our own herbal remedies and cosmetics.
They are natural. They are different. And they are better.

Or call us
to talk it through: 02 9980 8482
“It’s time to love the skin you are in”

Qualification details

B.Health Sc.Trad.Chin.Med.;Grad.Cert.Herb.Med.