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Bioresonance Health

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Bioresonance Health - About Me

After receiving Bioresonance treatment for a few chronic  illnesses, I was so impressed by the results that I began training for this area with a diploma in homeopathy and Touch For Health kinesiology.

I trained as a Bioenergetic Practitioner in Melbourne but the bulk of my Bioenergetic training has been through working with other innovators in the field, and reading anything I could get access to on Bioenergetic treatment- almost an apprenticeship.

I am now pursuing my own lines of enquiry, looking at the roles of apparent inherited factors such as how we absorb our nutrients, how allergic reactions to substances or sensitivities to certain foods regularly link to inflammation and why we have chronic illness. To aid this I am pursuing further study and have completed an HH Dip (Hom) in Homeopathy.

For more information about how our test at Bioresonance Health can help you, or to organise an appointment - give me a call!


Qualification details

  • Brett Dennis
  • BA Dip. Ed,
  • Bioenergetic Method)
  • TFH4 (ACKM)
  • Professional Association IICT
  • IICT Membership Number : 1111134476
  • Level of Membership : Full
  • ABN : 86 768 265 615

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