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Bioresonance Therapy
Member since
Nov 2018


Mobile 0431971743
Address Raworth NSW 2321

This clinic uses one of the most up to date machines, the BICOM® Optima Mobile, manufactured by REGUMED GmbH in Germany.

BIOVIBES - Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy is well-tolerated by patients and is a gentle and completely non-invasive therapy; making it suitable for individuals of all ages, from the elderly right down to infants. Additionally, it can be used to treat pregnant women from their third month.

Why is Bioresonance Therapy so popular?

There are more than 30,000 patients treated with Bioresonance Therapy daily around the world.  And the reason for this is that over 80% of people report an improvement following treatment.


For more information on Biosresonance Therapy and to read some answers to questions we receive frequently, click here.

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