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Supporting Women through Pregnancy & BirthExtensive experience as a Midwife, Community Health Nurse & Family Planning Nurse


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My name is Bubbles Segall, a doula based in Melbourne. I have extensive experience in women's health having worked as a community health nurse, midwife and family planning nurse for many years. As a doula I become part of your birth team and bring with me a wide range of skills and knowledge about the birthing process. It is my goal to help mothers learn to trust their beautiful strong bodies and trust in birth. The moment that a baby is born is joyous, magical, wondrous, and it is my wish for mothers and their partners to experience the birth of their babies as fully as possible.

It would be an honour to have the opportunity share this time with you. I will work to support you to birth where you feel confident, informed and surrounded with love, care and respect.

Role of your Doula

My role as a doula is to calmly and skilfully guide you through labour. I work for you and not for the hospital, midwife or obstetrician. I will provide reassurance, encouragement, continuous physical and emotional support to you and your partner. I have techniques and tools to assist you to manage stress and pain during labour. These could include massage, deep breathing, visualisation, hot showers and advice on birthing positions during labour.​ ​

​As I doula I do not carry out these activities:

Perform routine medical procedures such as vaginal examinations, monitoring your baby's heart beat, assess your contraction patterns, palpate your abdomen to determine the lie of your baby, check your blood pressure & temperature, keep records of all medical information relating to your labour and birth. These procedures are undertaken by your medical team.

Reasons to have a Doula at your Birth

Doulas are important to women because their sole purpose is to provide physical, emotional & informational support during labour and birth without doing anything medical.

​Your midwife and doctor are in and out of your room as they have other women they are attending to. Your doula however, won't leave you until your baby is born and your placenta is delivered. Research has shown that when a birthing woman has continuous labour support from a doula — someone who was not a staff member at the hospital and who was not part of the woman’s social network, women experienced the following:

  • ​50% reduction in Caesarean rate

  • 25% shorter labour

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 30% reduction in pain medication use

  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use

Long Term Benefits of Having a Doula:

  • Improved breastfeeding

  • Decrease in postpartum depression

  • Greater maternal satisfaction

  • Better mother-infant interaction

Choosing a Doula

It is very important that you and your partner are comfortable with me and my role in the birth of your baby. At our first meeting we discuss your priorities and any fears and concerns you may have and plan how we might best work together. If at this meeting you or your partner decide that our interaction doesn't feel 'quite right', I encourage you to say so and you are free to look for another doula


After the initial interview which is free, my standard package is $850 paid in two instalments.

​A deposit of $400 is due within 7 days of notification of your intent to hire me as your Doula.

​I will not consider myself obligated to your birth until I have received this deposit.

​The remainder of $450 is required before 36 weeks.

​The package includes:

  • At least two antenatal visits

  • Meeting you at the hospital once you are in established labour

  • Remaining with you for the entire labour and birth

  • Remaining with you for approximately one hour after the baby is born

  • Two postnatal visits at your home

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