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Bitternfields Boutique Beauty

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Bitternfields Boutique Beauty
Beauty tailored for the individual

Bitternfields Boutique Beauty

As a new business, but not new in the industry, Bitternfields Boutique Beauty looks forwards to the opportunity to look after your every beauty need.
Using Skeyndor products for their results orientated philosophy and Bodyography make-up which incorperates 90% mineral, paraben free make-up artists make-up.

Every service offered at Bitternfields Boutique Beauty will enhance your personal beauty and your personal health.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the boutique beauty service that you can't find anywhere else

Treatment Menu
@BITTERNFIELDS boutique beauty, facials include, facial waxing and lash and brow tinting complementary if required.

Skeyndor Basic Facials

Using Skeyndor PROFESSIONAL ONLY products, the basic facial is tailored specifically to the clients skin type. This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions if necessary, a full face, decollete and shoulder massage, cream mask, moisturiser and SPF 12 with microencapsualted titanium dioxide to prevent any congestion. During the development process a hand or foot massage will be given to enhance the pampering experience.

Great to achieve the relaxation and revitalization often sort from the facial experience.

45 mins $65
60 mins $90.

Skeyndor Synergy Facials

The Skeyndor Synergy facial will be tailored specifically to the skin type by our trained Beauty Therapist. This facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation including the use of the ULTRASONIC SPATULA, extractions if necerssary an ampoule to suit skin type, a full face, decollete and shoulder massage, an algae mask chosen to enhance the facial, followed by the specifically chosen moisturiser and SPF . During the processing time a hand or foot massage will be given to enhance the pampering experience.

SK Synergy Shine Control
Diminishing and inhibiting oil production, the SK shine control facial makes short work of excess oil while taking care of minor skin imperfections so skin emerges beautifully matte and refreshed whist maintainig the perfect pH balance. Using the mainstay of papain, an enzyme found in papaya, for its tirade of amazing properties that effectively slough off dead cells, smooth skin, reduce blemishes, minimise age spots and fine lines.

SK Synergy Q10
For a lustrously supple complextion, the Q10 treatment literally transforms dessert dry skin, infusing it with nourishment to ensure long lasting hydration. Relieving tightness and protecting it against daily stresses and free radical damage by re-balancing oil and water levels. This treatment harnesses the intoxicating therapeutic powers of Rose Petals, a rich source of vitamin C to cool, calm and lavishly moisturise.

SK Synergy Sensitive Recovery
Treating fragile, weakend and reactive skins with 'kid gloves' to restore its balance, cool and sublimely comfort. This highlyspecialised treatment contains 7 pure plant extracts, amoung them Mamaku Fern Extract to diminish irritations and Aloe Vera for its healing properties. While acheiving results immediately in the feel good catagory, this treatment also acts to strengthen and regenerate delicate complextions, help to activate the skin function, calming and soothing while offering a generous dose of suppleness.

SK Brightening Treatment
A tropical tonic and vitimin boost for dull, tired and less than perfect skin. (Age and sun spots) This unique treatment contains luscious Mango and Kiwi Fruit Cells rich in anti oxidants like Vitamin A,C & E. The fruit extracts contained in the treatment concentrate on the sloughing off dead surface cells and vastly enhancing skin texture to revitalise and renew so skin takes on a rested holiday glow.

SK Synergy Rich Nourishing Treatment
A refuge for a stressed out, workaholic and depleted skin with its elite fusion of high concentration nutrient rich actives like proteins, amino acids, honey and essential fatty acids from Rosehip Oil. This ultimate booster offers an instant pick me up for the complexion for undeniable nourishment and repair, an envious improvement in elasticity, texture and silken smoothness.

75mins $110

SK High Performance Facials

Radience Renewing Micro Dermabrasion Program
Giving Mature skin the boost it needs to regain radience, this facial was created to address and repair complexions affected by ageing, sun damage and the environment. Imparting a glow that is instant and lasting, this renovating treatment eliminates dead cells, toxins and impurities for a smoother and intensely hydrated skin for a youthful refreshment of the complexion.
This is the 'no holds bared' facial treatment. Using our PROFESSIONALS ONLY range to renovate and renew your skin.

During the development process a hand or foot massage will be given to enhance the pampering experience.

DERMA PEEL Advanced Professional Peeling Program
Derma peel is the lastest Cosmeceutical peeling system comparable to those performed in Dermo-aesthetic clinics, without the side effects or the downtime. It is designed to treat blemishes, fine lines, scars, pigmentation and give a more radient appearence and a softer, smoother toned skin.
This facial offers a double cleanse, Derma Peel specific exfoliant enhanced with the Ultrasonic Spatula, extractions if necessary, Derma Peel ampoule infused with the ultrasonic spatula, face, decollete and shoulder massage, Derma peel mask, moisturiser and SPF with microencapsulated titanium dioxide.

It is essential to use a SPF after the Derma Peel treatment.
During the development processes a hand and foot massage will be given to enhance the pampering experience.

Derma Peel however effective, still offers the relaxation techniques offered in our other facials. Achieving results that are second to none.

(This program is restricted to prescription only. Consultation required prior to booking DERMA PEEL treatment)

90 mins $140

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