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Maybe you’re seeking something deeper and more meaningful than a purely physical approach. Or perhaps you’re looking for a class that is always unique and different, and every time you take it you are simply opened up. You’ve found the perfect place at Black Lotus Studio. Book online now!

Yoga for Beginners and Advanced Students

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As an accredited Iyengar yoga school, Black Lotus Studios offers: 

  • In-studio
  • Live stream classes
  • Courses
  • Intensives
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Private sessions 
  • Open studio times for beginners and advanced students and training for teachers

Suellen Kohler opened Black Lotus Studios in 2007 to house the teachers and yogis from The Sydney Yoga Space after Peter Thomson closed his East Sydney school. 

She works closely with the Iyengar teachers, who have been certified by or are in training with the B.K.S Iyengar Yoga Association under the guidance of Senior Iyengar teacher Peter Thomson.

Black Lotus Yoga Studio teaches its classes according to the Iyengar method which is renowned for its use of props such as blankets, belts, and blocks to help you achieve poses safely and effectively.

Persons of all ages and levels are welcome. 

At this time, all classes are offered virtually via Zoom only.

Services Offered

Yoga Classes

Online and in-studio yoga classes (from January 17 2022) are for real bodies, not for perfect ones.  

Black Lotus Studio offers classes, courses, intensives, special events, and retreats that will engage and support you throughout your life.

Mindfulness & Insight (4-Week Meditation Course)

The course is suitable for both those with previous meditation experience and for new students. 

During the sessions, there are periods of instruction and individual guidance and opportunities for silent meditation practice and discussion.


  • Studio
    • 1 class - $25
    • 4 classes - $96
    • 10 classes - $220
    • 20 classes $400
  • Live Stream
    • 10 classes - $170
    • 20 classes - $300
    • 4 classes - $76
    • 1 class - $20

All classes run 1.5 hours and are inclusive of GST. Passes are valid for 12 months.

Testimonials from Previous Clients of Black Lotus Studios

“This is an outstanding yoga studio. The teachers have a deep knowledge and precise understanding of what they are doing and teach with warmth, humour and sensitivity to the different needs of the students! I come out of the classes feeling more aligned, more aware of my posture, stronger, uplifted, grounded and peaceful! It has helped me tremendously and in all honestly I have found more benefit through these classes than any others I have attended. This studio is a hidden gem.” - Rani Sen

“Excellent yoga school. The teachers really know what they're doing, and the classes are small and personal. You'll be challenged but looked after at the same time. The other great thing about it is that it's not 'same old'. I've been going for years and I can honestly say I've never considered going anywhere else because the yoga is endlessly interesting. Nice crowd of students too.” - Mary Anne Plummer

“There are so many studios in Sydney offering different forms of yoga, but for me, this is the best in town! The teachers are highly experienced and supportive, and really care about each and every member of the school, no matter their level. At Black Lotus, yoga is taught with a high emphasis on doing poses safely, with intelligence, and with the encouragement to develop a personal practice at home. I think it’s a unique place.” - Helen Jones

“I have been attending classes at Black Lotus since the studio opened, and was a student of Sue-Ellen's for several years prior to that. Her classes are an integral and essential part of my weekly routine.  Aside from the health and fitness benefits, I also find the sessions intellectually stimulating as well. Can't recommend Black Lotus highly enough!” - Inta Heimanis

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