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Black Lotus Studios

Director, Sue-ellen Kohler

Enter via Stinson Lane
61 Warren Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204

Servicing area: Marrickville


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Black Lotus Studios

Iyengar yoga classes for all levels. Beginners classes, general classes, workshops, retreats, teens, gentle yoga.

Black Lotus Studios, Iyengar Yoga

Welcome to Black Lotus Yoga Studio

Everyone is welcome to come to our classes - from 6 years to 99. You don’t have to be fit, strong, relaxed or even flexible - although you may end up that way! At Black Lotus we offer beginners courses, open classes, intensives, workshops and retreats.

We have classes and courses that help you to build the foundation for a practice that has the potential to engage and support you for the rest of your life. To study yoga is to study our selves - in action. While you have breath in your body you are a built in study lab. Yoga teaches you how to look and to see what you are looking at. Yoga is not competitive or judgmental although it is, at times, challenging and will demand your attention.

All classes at BLYS are taught in the “Iyengar method”. The Iyengar method of teaching and practicing yoga is famous for its unique use of props such as blankets, belts and blocks help you to achieve the poses safely and effectively. Read more...

Qualification Details

BKS Iyengar yoga Association - Junior Intermediate L1 (Sue-ellen Kohler, Ellie Youdale), Intro 2 (Sebastian Cilento)


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