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Blissful Abode

We feel most at home and at peace when both our inner and outer worlds are aligned. The intention and energy that we bring to the process is as important as the result.

Blissful Abode

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Clearing Clutter & Organisation

Clearing clutter is something that has been done for many many years across many cultures, yet even after all of this time we are continuously amazed by just how good it feels to remove things that no longer serve us. It is about making more space – simplified, organised, peaceful, and spacious, so we can be at a greater level of ease in our special place. Clearing clutter brings better spaciousness and pace to our home and surroundings and it does the same for us as well. We walk away from the clearing feeling lighter, freer, and happier with ourselves.

Intuitive Space Planning & Styling

We are of the belief that your home tells your story, what it is that you enjoy doing, how you are feeling, and who you choose to spend your time with. It is an outward manifestation of your inner experience. We have the capacity to help you with understanding the significant impact your surroundings can have on your life, you can utilise this newly gained awareness to efficiently arrange and decorate your home so that it supports you in creating the life you desire.

Vastu & Feng Shui

Ancient wisdoms, such as Vastu & Feng Shui work on the basis that everything is made up of energy. Objects also come “alive” because of how we relate to them, i.e. the memories and associations they trigger. 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to tap into the natural benefits freely provided by the five basic elements of the universe (Cosmos) in which we all exist. These basic elements are Aakash (SPACE), Prithvi (EARTH), Jal (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vaayu (WIND) which is also known as "PANCH MAHA BHOOTA". Vastu Shastra can be applied by keeping the architecture and space in harmony with these basic five elements of nature.

Feng Shui is amongst some of the tools we utilise when looking to effect positive changes in our homes with the intended aim of creating positive change in our lives. At the very heart of Feng Shui is the basic notion that our homes are deeply connected to all areas of our wellbeing. How we fill our homes, how we decorate the interior, and what we are surrounding ourselves with daily greatly impacts our lives. Thus, if you want to make positive alterations in your life, you can start by making a positive change within your home.

Mindfulness Meditation & Creativity

Mindfulness is based on being fully aware of what is going on in the present moment purposefully and non-judgementally. It has been proven that we spend just under half of our life with our minds elsewhere, thinking about the past or the future. It is very easy to get caught up reminiscing and thinking ahead, but life takes place in the present moment. There is nothing more divine than what is in the here and now and being fully aware of what is going on around us. Mindfulness meditation & creativity sessions are specifically formulated and concentrated on providing you with a better understanding of yourself and the inner workings of your Body & Mind. You will be empowered with the knowledge, skills, and tools to better handle stress from everyday life and to have a happier & healthier lifestyle.

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