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BLOSSOM clinic

29 Wattleblossom Rd
Warrandyte VIC 3113

Servicing area: All areas including interstate and overseas.

BLOSSOM clinic
Karen Chipperton is extensively qualified with 30 years experience in holistic medicine. Helping all people reach their full potential and create happy healthy families, is her passion.

About The Blossom clinic.

Dedicated to resolving each persons health issues as simply and as naturally as possible.

Getting to the underlying nutritional, genetic, lifestyle and emotional causes to help you have sustained, long term health and to create happy, healthy families.

Preventative medicine,healthy ageing, pregnancy and preconception care are specialties of The Blossom Clinic.

Likely the most economical service available in Melbourne, due to direct sourcing of the laboratory. Done simply via saliva, this is very helpful in narrowing down highly accurate treatments for a wide range of ailments. Among dozens of areas, it checks for defects in your capacity to detoxify and use/ break down vitamins including folic acid, Vit D and Vit A.
A very helpful test for prospective parents, preventing illness and in resolving stubborn symptoms.

for assessment of nutritional imbalances and toxicity, including presence of lead, mercury and arsenic. Very important for children and prospective parents and is appropriate for treating a wide range of conditions. It shows levels of over 35 minerals important for good health.

*EXTENSIVE PATHOLOGY TESTS appropriate for assessing a wide range of conditions. Cholesterol, vitamins, inflammation, antibodies, neurotransmitters etc.
Some tests can be done on the spot in the clinic such as blood pressure, cholesterol/ triglycerides and blood sugar.
Stool tests also reveal a wealth of knowledge about digestive health and its effect on other areas of our mind / body.

Incorporating Chinese diagnosis and naturopathic assessment of eyes, nails and tongue is also helpful in providing immediate information. As a registered nurse Karen is also qualified to check ears, chest and throats for infection.

IgG, IgA and IgE tests can help pinpoint foods and environmental factors that may be giving you symptoms. Allergies are a cause of inflammation and immune disfunction

Karen is mother to two lovely children. She conceived her last child at age 42, so is aware of the needs and concerns of women wishing to conceive in later years and of parents wishing to help their children reach their full potential, mentally and physically.

Personalised consultations incorporate genetic DNA testing, hair tissue mineral analysis, allergy testing, tongue, pulse and face diagnosis, ear, throat and chest examinations, pathology and saliva tests. Dietary advice is also paramount to successful treatment.

The Blossom Clinic specialises in :

    Menstrual pain, PCOS, endometriosis, PMS. Healthy menstrual cycles. Healthy ageing, arthritis, cardiac health, wellness maintenance. Auto immune conditions. Mental wellbeing. Peri and post menopausal symptoms

    Autism, infections, healthy growth, mood and energy. Sleep and immunity.

    maintenance of wellness generally and in those with more serious conditions.

    charting, lunar phases, enhanced fertility, IVF support and alternatives. Healthy pregnancies. Sperm antibody and motility issues.

    For both parents to be. A gift for your children that lasts a lifetime n

The Blossom Clinic is located in a beautiful and stress free environment with parking onsite. Appointments are on:

Mondays,tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays:
29 Wattleblossom Road, Warrandyte 3113

Initial consultation:
$95 - 50 mins

Follow up :
$70. 20-25 mins.
Family consultations $45 per family member when booked together at the same time.

Payment Methods:
Direct Deposit

Consultations attract rebates under private healthcare schemes

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

Qualification Details

Registered Nurse
Diplomas in Classical Homoeopathy
Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
She is currently completing a PhD in homoeopathy
Diploma Reiki

Certificate courses:
Natural Fertility Management
Better Babies program
Traditional Chinese Diagnosis and body work
Urine analysis
T.B.M.(Total Body Modification Kinesiology)

Member of the C.M.A. (Complimentary Medicine Association).

Karen is a founding member of The Rajasthan Women’s Centre, in India which promotes of women’s health, traditional birth attendant programs and traditional herbal practitioners.

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BLOSSOM CLINIC - Our Services Karen Chipperton has 30 years experience caring for women and their families.
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