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BLOSSOM clinic


29 Wattleblossom Rd
Warrandyte VIC 3113

Servicing area: Warrandyte and eastern suburbs.

BLOSSOM clinic
Karen Chipperton has 30 years experience caring for women and their families.


The Blossom Clinic specialises in :
  • Women's Health
  • Children's Health
  • Classical Homoeopathy
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Herbal medicine
  • Natural fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Pre and post menopausal symptoms

Most conditions, even difficult cases can be helped
  • Allergies, eczema
  • Acute and chronic infections
  • Bowell health, digestion and liver function
  • Fears, anxieties and well being
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Early childhood disease prevention
  • ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder, incl Aspergers)
  • Menstrual discomfort and imbalance, including endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, PMS and pain
  • Identifying and treating the causes of infertility in men and woman
  • Support during IVF proceedures to enhance results
  • Preconception care for couples wanting to conceive naturally or just have a healthy baby
  • Ongoing care for a healthy pregnancy and preparation for birth, breast feeding and early motherhood
  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol and osteoporosis
  • In clinic testing of cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and nitric oxide levels


Karen loves working with parents-to-be, children of all ages and women during their peri-menopause time. Over 20 years,Karen has helped hundreds of couples achieve their goal of achieving optimal hormonal balance as well as happy healthy pregnancies and babies. She is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential and in helping create happy, healthy families.

  • Preconception care incorporating hair tissue mineral analysis for accurate and personalized nutritional assessment<
  • Balancing and nourishing womenís menstrual cycles
  • Enhancing menís fertility, including sperm morphology and motility
  • I.V.F support and alternatives.
  • Natural healthy pregnancy care
  • Birth preparation, healing and recovery
  • Breastfeeding and sleep quality
  • Care of eczema, colic and other symptoms that babies may experience
  • Ear infections, fever and coughs in children
  • Autism, learning delays and behavioural patterns in children

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Qualification Details

Registered Nurse
Diplomas in Classical Homoeopathy
Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
She is currently completing a PhD in homoeopathy
Diploma Reiki

Certificate courses:
Natural Fertility Management
Better Babies program
Traditional Chinese Diagnosis and body work
Urine analysis
T.B.M.(Total Body Modification Kinesiology)

Member of the C.M.A. (Complimentary Medicine Association).

Karen is a founding member of The Rajasthan Womenís Centre, in India which promotes of womenís health, traditional birth attendant programs and traditional herbal practitioners.

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