Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies

Paula Owen

Level 1, 98 Bathurst rd
Katoomba NSW 2780

Servicing area: Katoomba, Penrith, Western Sydney and the whole mountain region

“Without the occasion of human suffering, it is likely we would never find the bridge to understanding & our capacity to shape and change our life”

Paula Owen



Paula Owen is a Clinical Psychotherapist based in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. Working in private practice at The Institute Of Clinical Psychotherapy for 10 years. Providing:

    • Family Counselling


    • Couples Counselling 


    • Counselling & Clinical Psychotherapy for Individuals


    • Support & Discussion Groups

Online Psychotherapy sessions also available

1 hour online session $110

1 hour email session $70

For those interested in exploring deeper personal work and incorporating dream work into some of your sessions, you may want to purchase a good Jungian perspective on human growth (individuation). "The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell." You can purchase the DVD series or book.

Paula also provides other services such as 

* Naturopathic Consultations & Herbal Medicines, Pre & Post Natal Massage and Remedial Massage for women


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Qualification details

4 Year Adult Clinical Psychotherapy Training (2008)
5 Year Post Graduate Training, Psychoanalysis (2015)

Member of the Institute of Clinical Psychotherapy (2004)
Member of the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy (2012)

Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society(1990) #1956

Service categories

Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies