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Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies

Paula Owen

Level 1, 98 Bathurst Rd
Katoomba NSW 2780

Servicing area: Katoomba, Penrith, Western Sydney and the whole mountain region

Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies

Counselling & Psychotherapy for those who want to improve their personal life, relationships, family, social & work life. 



Paula Owen, Blue Mountains Therapies - Psychotherapy



Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions offer a safe and professional space for people to explore their own private struggles and invest in their psychological and emotional wellbeing. Everybody experiences difficulties and hardships at different times in their life. Often people will try to solve these challenging life experiences on their own. If these efforts have not resolved a painful life experience in a good enough way, then people usually try and find a professional therapist for a period of time.

People may book in for a few Counselling sessions to talk over some personal difficulties in their life and apply some strategies they may not have thought of before.Finding out what has not previously worked for the individual, couple or family and applying constructive and diverse strategies is an important part of the counselling sessions. 

Clients also have the option to transition to medium & longer term Psychotherapy for a period of time commonly ranging from 3 months to 12 months. These periods of time provide real life integration, understanding & change to the hardships and heartaches being addressed. 

Longer term Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis incorporates working with deeper layers of an individuals psychological patterns for long term change. Includes working with dreams. Suitable for those who have done previous Psychotherapy work.  Minimum investment 12 months. 

Psychotherapy and Counselling provides people with a non judgemental, confidential, quality time & place where they are able to be heard, and resourced with a wide range of constructive options to take into their real life.

Early intervention, de escalation & damage control strategies are often applied in sessions. 

No GP referrals required to book a session.

People may come in for Psychotherapy & Counselling for reasons and issues such as:

    • Marriage & Relationship concerns & crises. Resourcing around separation & divorce


    • Loneliness & Isolation


    • Trauma- Present Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Parents concerns for their child/children (Primary School, High School, young adults) Teenagers and social media issues including bullying & harassment


    • Anxiety & Panic Attacks


    • Complex Trauma


    • Work Related Issues


    • Grief & Heartaches


    • Recommendations & networking with a range of other professionals


Individual & Family Counselling & Psychotherapy: 60 minute sessions.

Couples Counselling: 90 minute sessions.

I have a lot of work experience with families, teenagers & young adults.

Recommended viewing: "13 Reasons Why" Series 1 & 2. Documentary "Beyond 13 Reasons Why." Addresses common contemporary issues teenagers & young adults face today. Parental guidance & discretion recommended in some episodes; violence & sexual assault scenes.

NOTE: Counsellors & Psychotherapists do conduct Suicide Risk Assessments and Duty Of Care protection measures. 



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Qualification Details

4 Year Adult Psychotherapy Training
5 Year Post Graduate Training

Member of ICP The Institute Of Clinical Psychotherapy
Member of IARPP International Association Of Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


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