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Blue Sky Empowerment - Results Coaching

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About Blue Sky Empowerment - Results Coaching


Blue Sky Empowerment is an innovative educational company, that aims to provide every person with powerful strategies to help them live an extraordinary life.

Based upon a selection of the most proven techniques utilised by successful people around the world, Blue Sky Empowerment is an amalgamation of world success strategies, formulated, refined and presented in a unique, entertaining manner to enable any person of any ability to become a powerful individual, with consistent results and live an empowered life.

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Issues We Can Help You Overcome
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • Financial Freedom
  • Relationship Issues
  • Health & Vitality
  • Smoking
Both individual and business coaching services are also available, so why not give us a call today to organise your next Coaching session and learn how to live a richer life.

About Me - Goran Begovski

Born out of a desire to discover his life’s purpose, Goran’s interest in Psychology and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) begun. An interest in people and in helping them fostered this desire to pursue this purpose. Since the age of 18 Goran begun reading books, attending seminars, workshops and courses to educate himself while working toward his life's goal".

Over the years Goran has been strengthening this passion to help others through his personal coaching, workshops, seminars and company training sessions. By doing this he is also available to financially contribute to the following charities: Camp Quality, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and others. In 2011 Goran’s company with the support of Wesley Mission fed families in need over the Christmas period with the aim being to increase the amount of contribution yearly.

Goran’s commitment to supporting and teaching others is only surpassed by his love for his family as an attentive father and husband.

Personal Coaching & Business Presenter

Goran has presented Personal Development seminars at the University of Sydney. He has also presented for some of the largest companies in Australia including Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, RPA Hospital, Fuji Film, Kennards Self Storage, IGA, Primo Smallgoods, UGL and many more…

Goran's successful techniques and rising demand has been nationwide and he has been flown interstate for personal therapy to distant parts of Australia. His successes include helping individuals with extreme phobias overcome the challenges they have held for almost 50 years, changes occurring in only a single session!

However, Goran focuses primarily on utilising his mind-technologies and years of research to accelerate human performance in business. With a constant interest in presenting and motivating businesses for success in sales and innovation, Goran is increasingly becoming valued for his unique business strategies. Through Blue Sky Empowerment, commercial companies that understand the importance of 'powerfully driven motivated staff and managers’ seek the services of Goran Begovski.

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Qualification details

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer
Chronotherapy Therapist
Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy
Master Practitioner in Hypnosis

Business and Peak Performance (Psychology) Studies at University
Inventor/creator of Chrono Therapy™, a process that eliminates any negative emotions at a rapid speed.
Inventor/Creator of the Crossroads Process. A powerful process for making a Long-term change.
Certified by the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (ABNLP)
Mastery University™ graduate
Trained by Anthony Robbins and Dr Tad James (Leaders in personal development)
Involved with the Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy™
Has worked for the Anthony Robbins Team (Coaching and Sales)

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