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blue star osteopathy

Contact & Location Information
Contact Name Brigid Fitzpatrick
Address Level 1
246 Bridge RD
Richmond VIC 3121
Servicing Areas Richmond, Victoria
Mobile 0418 154 526

Dr. Brigid Fitzpatrick is the practising therapist for Blue Star Osteopathy. She is qualified not only as an Osteopath, but also as a Health and Lifestyle Coach and a Personal Trainer, which she pursues at Blue Star Health Fitness Studio in Port Melbourne. Brigid has previous experience in hospital-based rehabilitation for chronic fatigue sufferers, cardiopulmonary patients and conducted classes such as Functional Maintenance Programs and Hydrotherapy. Brigid has specific interests in lifestyle modifications including advice on stress management techniques, nutritional direction and exercise programming with all of her health, fitness and Osteopathic assessments.

blue star osteopathy


Osteopathy is a hands-on, manual therapy used for the treatment and maintenance of injuries or aches and pains related to work, exercise and general health. Osteopathy is also strongly influential in the management of a variety of illnesses or conditions such as asthma, digestive problems, migraines, frozen shoulder and arthritis.
Osteopathy takes a wider view of the body, avoiding symptom-based therapy. It seeks the cause of the problem and offers guidance to help eliminate aggravating factors of the injury/illness.

Osteopathy can be used to help an array of conditions such as…
- Back pain
- Knee pain
- Sciatica
- Arthritic pain
- Shin Splints
- Period pain
- Pregnancy and post-pregnancy
- Headaches
- Jaw pain
- Sports related injuries
- Digestive problems
- Common colds
- Asthma management
- General aches and pains


* Location: BodyActive Therapies; Level 1, 246 Bridge Road, Richmond
* Times: Monday’s and Wednesday’s 3-8pm
* Consults: 40 min consults
* Prices: Initial Consult $ 80 / $70 concession
Subsequent Consults $65 / $60 concession

blue star health...

Blue Star Health is the principal business behind Blue Star Osteopathy.
Dave Sandell is the owner and primary Fitness Trainer and Health and Lifestyle Coach.

Blue Star Health offers services targeted to all ages and abilities, with fitness training and advice, nutritional guidance and support for specific lifestyle change.


* Health and Wellness: This is the complete personal training program incorporating health advice, lifestyle coaching, nutritional and metabolic typing plus all the benefits of one-on-one training and posture and core programs.

* Posture and Core: The sole focus of this program is to correct posture while strengthening your lower back and core muscles with specific exercises for your individual needs.

* One-on-One Training: This is a traditional personal training program, ideal for those wanting professional advice, motivation and guidance with simple strategies to help achieve goals

* Group Personal Training: This is a small group training program, with limited number it allows the trainers to give you the individual attention you want, correcting your technique when necessary and giving you a little push when needed.

* Special Offer: 3 Personal Training sessions for $100 (1 x 30min assessment + 3x 30min personal training sessions)


As a client of Blue Star Health you receive 10% discount on any program that you sign up for with every new client that you refer to any of our programs.


All Blue Star Health clients receive discounts on Massage and Osteopathic treatments.


Fluid Health Studio, 263a Bay St, Port Melbourne


Dr. Brigid Fitzpatrick 0418 154 526
[email protected]

Dave Sandell 0412 198 597
[email protected]

Dr. Brigid Fitzpatrick
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)
Bachelor of Clinical Science
Masters of Osteopathy
Health and Lifestyle Coach (HLC 1 Chek Institute)

Dave Sandell
Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)
Health and Lifestyle Coach (HLC 1 Chek Institute)
Exercise Coach (Chek Institute)

Service Categories

Connective Tissue Massage, Life Coaching, Osteopathy, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapy, Womens Health