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Muscle pain Circulation Sciatica ...
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I am no longer practicing in Bentleigh East bu have relocated to Point Lonsdale
currently unable to provide health fund rebates but should be able to soon!!

My aim is to help my clients to fulfil their potential. 

Most of us have aches and pains at some time but for some people it can become overwhelming.

Many of my clients have hurt themselves either through sport or keep fit type activities, over doing it in the garden or even over working with poor posture or some even have a physical dysfunction that can be corrected, such as Plantar Fasciitis,  or even one that I can help them to adjust to, for example getting older!

Using a wide range of techniques such as deep tissue massage and myofascial release I can help those sore tired muscles.  With stretches and exercise I can help you with your training regimen or help you to correct muscle tension that is the cause of your pain.

I have, and continue to, treat people of all ages from small children who are anxious to athletes who have overdone it on the sports field or returning to the sport they love.  I treat ladies through pregnancy and through the wonderful years of caring for small, and not so small children.  My clients range from bub to gran and grandpa.

I have a current Working With Children License

I also offer relaxation massage for those who just want to get away from it all for a while and to reconnect with themselves in a quiet and rejuvenating environment.

In the very near future I will also be adding Canine Myofunctional Therapy to the treatments I can offer.  Just think, you can give your beloved pooch the same benefits of massage that you can receive!

On the following sections I go on to talk a bit more in depth about the various techniques I use and some ofthe conditions that massage can help with

Most health funds catered for

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Bod-i-Clinic is about YOU
I am a QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED myotherapist offering a wide range of modalities to assist YOU to rest, recouperate and restore. The need for this is many, sports and even home activities.

Whether you are feeling drained because of the daily grind or sore and tight because of muscular dysfunction (or even maybe you have taken up a new sport or exersice and can feel it!)
Take control and have a course of treatments for these dysfunctions and get your body and soul back into a healthy state.

Benefits of Massage include:
*Circulation improvement leads to the removal of toxins and other wastes from the muscles which in turn leads to tissue regeneration and repair;
*Muscle toning and relaxation;
*Improved joint mobility and cellular activity;
*Preparation of compromised joints/muscle from sporting or other high useage activity

Call me now and see what I can do for YOU on 0400 654 719.


As a Myotherapist I use a number of different modalities to treat many muscular based dysfunctions e.g. cupping works to stretch and realign the fascia of the body, bringing fantastic relief to tight, contracted fascia and muscles;

Dry Needling
This uses acupuncture needles to penetrate into the trigger points that build-up in the muscles causing pain, discomfort and reduced mobility. Not only is it a fantastic treatment but you will feel far less discomfort than if I were to treat the trigger points with deep tissue manipulation - my thumbs or elbow!! It is a relatively painless but very effective form of treatment that really brings amazing results!! Some of the problems I have very successfully treated include and is a particularly good way to treat PLANTAR FASCIITIS, PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME (pain in the buttocks that tends to radiate down the legs and often diagnosed 'SCIATICA'!) 

Feel free to call me for more information on 0400 654 719

Remedial/Deep Tissue/Sports Treatments
I use a number of different forms of treatment, incorporating gentle or strong hands-on massage depending on both the amount of pressure that you can endure and the level of treatment needed, in order to treat any dysfunction.

For more information call me on 0400 654 719

Infant Massage Workshops
With Infant massage lessons my aim is not to massage your baby (though I do treat babies and children) but to 'teach' you to do it.

I find it is particularly helpful to first time parents, mums with post natal depression and even young teenage mums who are maybe having difficulty bonding with bub or just want to develop vital parenting skills.

Don't forget Dad
I encourage you to both come along to the sessions as a focused time for massaging baby can be essential to help Dads to feel part of your 'new baby' experience.

Education and take home stretches are also incorporated into the treatments to provide ongoing support between treatments.

Bod-I-Clinic is a myotherapy business providing therapeutic/relaxation massage, remedial massage treatments and myotherapy treatment.
As part of any treatment a client will be asked to complete a questionnaire which asks for some personal questions including name (or pseudonym), address/contact details and medical history as well as current medication status.
This information is required by the therapist to not only give the client the best possible treatment but also to ensure it is provided in a safe manner.
Any information provided by the client will be kept in a safe and secure place and not disclosed to a third party unless with explicit consent of the client themselves e.g. a referral letter to another practitioner. This is also the case regarding referral letters from other parties, x-rays, reports etc..

No personal information will be disclosed to an overseas entity nor sold to another entity.
Bod-I-Clinic subscribes to Natural Therapy Pages and no clients details will be shown on that website.
A client has the right to access to their information and if it is incorrect they can request it be corrected.
Archived information will be destroyed after 7 years of inactivity (i.e.7 years after a clients last visit).
If a client has a complaint regarding Bod-I-Clinic the matter will be dealt with confidentially unless the client wishes a third party to be involved.

Qualification details

Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certified Infant massage Instructor (IMA)
Chinese Hot Stone Massage

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