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Zen Shiatsu can help with chronic fatigue/pain, tension headaches, digestive complaints, lowered immunity, poor posture, insomnia, reproductive issues and infertility. 

Zen Shiatsu can also be of great benefit for people who feel emotionally unbalanced, overwhelmed with stress and change, fatigued or lack motivation and are anxious and depressed.


Bodi Balance - Zen Shiatsu Therapy

What is Zen Shiatsu?

Zen Shiatsu is a body therapy developed from traditional Eastern Medicine and philosophies dating back centuries. Through the therapeutic power of touch a Shiatsu treatment can make you feel relaxed, energized, relieving tension, fatigue and stiffness.

Pressure (using thumbs, fingers, palms) and stretches are applied along the energy channels (meridians) of body to restore balance. The practitioner works on releasing tense, stagnant areas and building up weak, empty areas of the body.

As the body/mind is freed up and revitalized, the body's natural energy/ki flow is reactivated and guided back onto its natural pathways. Improved circulation of energy/blood ensures body's functional systems receive the necessary nutrients and unwanted wastes are eliminated and not to burden the body. This promotes and maintainshealth and emotional wellbeing as the immune system is strengthened and self healing can occur.

Shiatsu combines well with other modalities, counseling, rehabilitation etc.. as it is supportive, nurturing and non invasive. It can reach a wide range of people from pregnant women, children, those with disabilities, the elderly, those: recovering from injuries, who want to use shiatsu as preventative health measures, who are stressed and depressedmany can benefit from regular Shiatsu treatments.



What does a Shiatsu Treatment involve?

Before a treatment the practitioner will take your medical history, general health and presenting complaints. The whole body will be treated during the session as well as addressing specific problem areas. A treatment can be from 25 mins to 2 hr depending on your needs. Our initial consultation is 70 minutes.

Traditionally Shiatsu is received on a futon, recipient in loose comfortable clothing. However for office environments a portable massage chair or table can be used. In cases where client is confined to a bed or wheelchair then this can be accommodated for.

The use of moxibustion (heat stick using Chinese herbs) or cupping may be used depending on your needs and comfort level. This will require you to lift your shirt for a short duration as this is done on the skin or above the skin.

Also specific yoga correctives, basic dietary and lifestyle advice may be given depending on individual needs.


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