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Welcome to Body Wave Massage

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Body Wave Massage

When you visit Body Wave Massage you can expect: 


    • Professionalism


    • Hygienic Environment 


    • Thorough Assessment


    • Care


    • Tailor Made Massage


    • Professional Advise 


    • Tips on maintaining healthy muscles 


    • Walking out feeling relaxed and RENEWED!! 


Treat your Temple with a relaxing and revitalising Massage today! 


Massage is more than a luxury, it is a powerful treatment through which to keep your Mind , Body and Spirit vibrating at a high level and restore the well needed Balance back.

Ancient Cultures recognised the importance of massage, and promoted it as a form of natural medicine, to a path of good health. 

The benefits of massage are endless with effective results:

    • Relaxes the nervous system (harmonising body function)


    • Decreases stress (decrease of stress hormone- ‘cortisol’)


    • Increases happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin)


    • heightens alertness


    • opens muscles to good circulation


    • oxygenates the blood


    • moves the Lymphatic System (clearing impurity’s from the body)


    • releases tight muscles


    • activates the Meridian System (the electric energy highways of the body )


    • produces energy in the body


    • boosts the immunity system


    • relieves anxiety


    • improves sleep


And on and on it goes... Regular massage will help you greatly ‘Be Your Greatest Version’ and make your body SING !!! Here at ‘Body Wave Massage’ you can enjoy a Relaxation massage or Deep Tissue massage, or, enjoy ‘both’ combined, for excellent results!

To book your ‘Blissful’ session - 

Available: Monday to Saturday, 10:30am - 6:00pm 
Prices: 30 mins $50   |   60 mins $90   |   90 mins $130

Pensioners ‘Discount’ available! 
Add stunning, skin nutrient Aroma Therapy oils to your massage for only $5 .

Ph Gabriela on : 0433716563
Address: Sorrento, WA

The Lymphatic System 🙋🏼‍♀️💦 


Are you feeling Stressed or just low in energy, even after a good night sleep? 

The reason ‘could’ be that your Lymphatic System needs a boost ! 

The lymphatic system is an intricate highway of vessels , lymph fluid and lymph nodes, that run throughout our bodies. They are responsible for absorbing fat and fat - Soluble vitamins from our food , detoxification and fighting infection. 

The lymphatic system needs help with filtering out impurities, and ‘Massage’ along with a healthy diet and daily exercise, is highly important to assist in the ‘movement’ of this system. 

If your experiencing extreme daily fatigue, body swelling or lumps under the skin you are unsure about ? .. please see your Doctor 👩‍⚕️. 

Here at ‘Body Wave Massage’ you can enjoy a Relaxation massage or Deep Tissue massage , or why not enjoy ‘both’ combined, for excellent results!!! 

To book your ‘Blissful’ session - 

Available: Monday to Saturday, 10:30am - 7:00pm
Prices: 30 mins $50   |   60 mins $90   |   90 mins $130 🌺🌺🌺 

Pensioners ‘Discount’ available! 
Add stunning, skin nutrient Aroma Therapy oils to your massage for only $5 .

Energy Healing - Reiki


Emotional and Physical Healing

The human body is comprised of subtle  electric magnetic fields that radiate out from the organs, meridian system and the Charka points of the body. 

When we are effected by stress , illness or disease, these Energy Field are disturbed and weakened. 

This is very important because the energy field our body generates has a vital role in organising hormones and rejuvenating cells for optimum health . Each cell in our body pulsates bio photonic energy, which are light particles when viewed through sensitive equipment that science now uses. When the light dims within the cells and organs, this is a sign of lack of energy being generated in that area which in time is open to diseases if not corrected . 

My mission is - ...

To recognise our innate infinite power of internal transformation, from the emotional mind to the sophisticated cellular mechanics of the body. 

Through the simple recognition of how our thoughts and belief systems play an immense part on systems of the physical body . And this is the pivotal point where the Work Begins!

WA, Perth 

To make an appointment:

One hour Energy and Sound Healing - Mind Body & SOUL - $100

Energy Healing Testimonial ~

In January 2015, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. At the time of diagnosis, it was realised the disease had already metastasised to my right lung. As a result, the prognosis was not good for me. I underwent the traditional treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiation. I then had major surgery and struggled through 22 post operative Chemo cycles.

It was during this time, I decided to supplement my medical treatment with Gabriel's holistic Reiki therapy. Without doubt, the results were both important and incredibly beneficial for me. During each session, a sense of tranquility would envelop me which was followed by an overall feeling of wellness. I would be so at ease, I would fall asleep.

I know my sessions with Gabriel were of enormous importance to me and truly believe, they assisted with my disease going into remission. I have been cancer free now since September 2017. Gabriel's therapy is an incredible de-stressor which helps rebalance your semblance of self. - Cyril M Mcstravick

For a Powerful Session call - 

Gabriela on Ph: 0433716563

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