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Body Align Myotherapy & Massage

At Body Align Myotherapy & Massage Carissa and Ashlee have both done further training in pregnancy.  They look forward to working with you during this special time of your life. You will feel reassured that you are in experienced and caring hands! 

Align Myotherapy & Massage - Pregnancy and Women's Health


Pregnancy is an amazing part of a woman’s life. However, it can come with a few discomforts and unwanted aches and pains. Some of the most common complaints that woman experience throughout pregnancy include:


    • Back tightness and pain


    • Headaches


    • Sciatic pain


    • Swelling


    • Calf cramping


    • General discomfort


    • Buttock and hip pain

At Body Align Myotherapy and Massage we are able to help with these issues and more! Our Myotherapists are able to direct you in maintaining and preparing your body throughout all the different phases of pregnancy and provide relief from any issues you are encountering. We will concentrate on certain muscle imbalances and postural changes throughout pregnancy, which may be bringing about pain and fatigue. We provide you with a homemade program that may involve strengthening, stretching and corrective postural exercises. These exercises that are prescribed are specific to your requirements and are safe to do throughout your pregnancy.

Additionally, looking after your body post pregnancy is as integral as during your pregnancy. Our Myotherapy sessions can be extremely useful in relieving pain brought on due to labour and also with the discomfort and pain with breast feeding/nursing, holding your baby and lifting them in and out of baby seats and cots.


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