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About Us
Member since
Sep 2004

Body and Balance Fitness & Wellness

Contact Name Jill Healy-Quintard (Master Tr
Phone 02 89583785
Mobile 0412 422 843
Address 66 Innes Rd
Manly Vale NSW 2093

Welcome to Body and Balance Fitness & Wellness

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Body & Balance Fitness & Wellness

About Us

Body and Balance offer you a wide range of Pilates, YogaPilates Fusion, BodyBarre, and Groove classes designed to “Shape Your Body & Your Mind” whilst additionally improving clarity and your sense of self. Our cardio, relaxation, and flow techniques will help you to reach your wellness and fitness peak – whatever your goals or your passion. Developing healthy bodies and calm minds, classes are created for groups, schools, 1-on-1, corporate environment, families, and mothers with bubs.

Classes Include

  • Corporates

  • Pilates – ChiBall/Handweights

  • YogaPilates Fusion – Workshops

  • YogaPilates Fusion – Mums and bubs

  • YogaPilates Fusion – Family

  • YogaPilates Fusion – School

  • Groove Pilates Fusion

  • YogaPilates Fusion

  • BodyBarre Pilates

  • Zumba Fitness

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call or visit our website.

Service Categories

High Plank with Jill Healy-QuintardSide Plank with Jill Healy-QuintardPilates Leg Pull with Jill Healy-QuintardDown Dog with Jill Healy-QuintardMeditation and Mindfulness. Manly Vale Meditation at the Body and Balance StudioAt the BodyBarre Class in Manly ValeBodyBarre Class in the StudioYogaPilates Fusion at North Steyne, ManlyKids Programs, Manly, SydneyGroove Fusion with KidsThe BodyBarre Pilates Class. Manly ValeYogaPilates FusionInspire and Experience with Body and Balance