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Learn various movements that stretch and strengthen your core muscles to achieve balance, alignment and mental clarity.

Restorative Pilates & Yoga Nidra, A45Plus GROOVE Fusion, BarrePilates Dance, BodyBarre Pilates

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Our Pilates Classes 

Body and Balance Fitness & Wellness in Manly Vale NSW offers a wide variety of Pilates and yoga classes to address the specific needs of each person. 

We offer Restorative Pilates & Yoga Nidra®, A45Plus GROOVE® Fusion, BarrePilates Dance, BodyBarre® Pilates, Online YogaPilatesFusion® and YogaPilatesFusion® – Cardio & Weights. These can be delivered in a group or a private session depending on your preferred mode of learning.

More About Our Classes

Restorative Pilates & Yoga Nidra® is modified and tailored to each person’s individual needs. Basic Pilates workout is adjusted for people with limited mobility due to the presence of certain conditions such as lower back pain, hip and knee pain, shoulder pain, pregnancy and breathing difficulties. 

This class is grounded in the 10 foundational principles of Jill for wellness. 

A45Plus GROOVE® Fusion combines Pilates with modern dance moves, allowing you to receive the benefits of both workouts in a dynamic environment. This class works for all ages regardless of fitness levels. Kids, adults and seniors will gain a renewed sense of vigour after every session. This class is also available for corporate events.

BarrePilates Dance fuses Pilates with Barre exercises to create a cardio workout that involves euphoric freestyle dance moves. It ends with Jill’s relaxing Yoga Nidra.

BodyBarre® Pilates offers a wonderful workout experience that combines the benefits of Pilates with classical ballet barre movements. It also involves a series of cardio and core work. You have the option to include hand weights or a Pilates ball to further the results of your workout.

This class aims to increase your fitness levels, stretch and strengthen different muscle groups to balance your body and mind.

Online YogaPilatesFusion® is designed for busy people who want to improve their fitness ability, but don’t have time to hit the gym. Jill delivers the class via Zoom, which you can install for free on your phone, tablet, computer or any device for that matter, which comes with a mic and speaker. 

To maximise your online workout experience, you can connect your device to a bigger screen such as your TV.

YogaPilatesFusion® – Cardio & Weights focuses on strengthening the core muscles. Employing multi-coloured ChiBalls and hand weights leads to a comprehensive mind-body exercise that helps restore balance, spinal alignment and relaxation. This class may be conducted one-on-one or in small groups.

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