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I have been attending Jill’s classes for over 10 years and I continue to admire her positive way of encouraging me to benefit from wholehearted involvement in her interesting range of exercises .

I value her information when she explains why we should engage in the variety of exercises. All of her classes are totally professionally run but, importantly , they also have a lot of fun imbedded in the hard work routines.

I need her classes and recommend them to all who want to maintain and improve their balance and flexibility. The classes cater extremely well for all ages and capabilities.

Majorie Brenner, Allembie NSW Australia

I find it great to take in both the Pilates and Groove Pilates Fusion. Between the two, I get a great workout and good core strength. I am amazed at how energising it is to be fit, and the classes are fast and fun. Jill is a warm person and motivating instructor. Thanks Jill!

Pat H, Manly NSW Australia

My Chiropractor advised I try Pilates to strengthen my core about 7 years ago. What a fabulous piece of advice, I haven’t looked back! I have never been a gym person but I look forward to each and every class I do with Jill knowing I will feel the benefits.

Adwina Dalli, Manly NSW Australia

Jill has achieved what I didn’t think possible, no attacks of sciatica since attending her Pilates classes. As a 72 year old suffering sciatica and rheumatoid arthritis my fear of  becoming immobile terrified me. On the advice of my physiotherapist I started Pilates with Jill over two years ago, resulting greater strength and mobility and I have not had one episode of sciatica since. The classes are personalised, enjoyable with a touch of Jills humour and her sense of fun.

Andrea Taylor, Curl Curl NSW Australia

I cant believe how much more stamina have for surfing since I started Pilates, I have finally found the core strength Jill has been talking about.

Christian, 27, Surfer, Curl Curl NSW Australia

Since doing Jill’s Pilates classes my cycling performance has increased noticeably.

David, 50, Cyclist, Manly NSW Australia

Jill’s vast experience in the health profession, enables her to perform a verry accurate postural analysis, both of her new and existing clients…

Ann McCarthy, Chiropractor, Manly NSW Australia

Although I have had a few private lessons with acknowledged experts and authors of works on Pilates in England, it was Jill’s practical and straithforward approach and explanation of the necessary individual muscle movements that allowed me to analyse how Pilates works…

I have found Jill to be attentive to all class participants and i for one am appreciative of her philosophy of teaching small group classes, so that she can work with each participant..

Franca Sella, Italia

Pilates classes with Jill are a weekly highlight ..! The combination of vitality and strength before total relaxation is thanks to precise and personalized instruction ending in total relaxation… all through fun…..This is thanks to Jill’s expertise and dedication as a professional instructor. Coffee after class icing the cake.!

Chez Bunting, Manly NSW Australia


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