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Member since
Oct 2005

Body Balance Myotherapy

Contact Name Jonathan Wemyss
Phone 03 5244 4938
Mobile 0408 521 793
Address 47 Barrabool Rd
VIC 3216
Servicing Areas Highton, Victoria
Neck and shoulder pain, back and limb pain, headaches, From $40.

Body Balance Myotherapy

  • Treating neck, back, shoulder and limb pain, headaches.
  • Established in 1993.
  • Ample parking at the rear of the clinic or on the street.
  • Fast health fund claims on the spot with HICAPS.
  • Comfortable and clean treatment room.
  • Professional care and service.

Clinic Hours

Monday to Thursday - 9am to 6:30pm.
Friday - 9am to 6pm.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapists assess and treat Myofascial (muscular) pain, injury and dysfunction. Myotherapy is used for the prevention of injuries, rehabilitation and to restore and maintain the normal function of the Myofascial system in the human body.

Myotherapists sometimes incorporate 'Myofascial dry needling' which uses acupuncture needles for certain treatments, but these are not always used for the majority of procedures.

Myotherapists use hands on treatment which usually makes up the bulk of a consultation. We 'feel' for problematic areas in the tissues and joints, then we treat those areas with the appropriate soft tissue techniques. Myotherapy can be an excellent alternative to other modalities such as Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. Your treatment is effective, thorough and is adapted to your level of comfort.

Your Treatment

Most people with acute and chronic Musculoskeletal problems, are faced with a myriad of choices for treatment. Many pain syndromes actually come from the muscular or Myofascial system.

At Body Balance Myotherapy, you will receive thorough assessment and treatment for your condition.You will be educated in what's going on and how you can manage your condition to aid a speedy recovery.

As a client, you will not be left in the dark or pay out hundreds of dollars for quick and ineffective treatments, that may continue for months on end without resolve.

Most people notice a considerable improvement after the first visit and most muscular conditions usually resolve in about three treatments or less.

Treating the muscular/soft tissue system, will also help the skeletal system to gain it's proper alignment as well.
If you happen to not respond well to the Myotherapy treatment, you will often be referred to another specialist in our network for a second opinion.

This is usually the case with more deep seated skeletal or internal problems, however some clients may need ongoing treatment for particular degenerative conditions, such as Osteoarthritis.

The use of the HICAPS terminal makes claiming from your health insurance easy if you have ancillary cover, you just pay the gap amount.

The inspiration to do this work, is to help people gain greater freedom and happiness. You are in good hands.

Jon Wemyss
Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

Qualification Details

  • 1991 Certified 'Vicfit' fitness leader
  • 1993 Certificate of Massage
  • 1994 Certificate of Advanced soft tissue technique
  • 1995 Bodytherapy Level 1 Postural integration
  • 1999 Certificate of Chinese Acupressure, cupping, Tuina and Moxibustion
  • 2001 Certificate of Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST)
  • 2004 Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy


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