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Maisa Koukach

3 Joffre Rd
Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Northern Pilates

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Northern Pilates


About Me


I understand exactly what it is like to be unfit, suffering from shoulder and back pain and suffering with depression. I have been there myself. Throughout my early life, I have always had a strong passion for fitness and health but did not have the encouragement and support to follow this passion. It can be said that I never had the right kind of drive in my life.

Back in 2004, I decided to change my body and my life. I had an interest in Pilates and when I practised it, I found that it was a true meaning of exercise. I then went on to sign up to study nutrition and personal training. But life would again throw me a curve ball and I had to take care of my youngest daughter who required extensive medical attention, alone in a foreign country with two small children. My dreams and passions had to be put on hold once again.

A decade on, I found the opportunity begin my Pilates teacher training. Having experienced the significant impact of Pilates and fitness training and eating well on my life, I wanted to share this with others.


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