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Your facial treatment journey begins here! 

Body Flexion Massage & Skincare - Facial Therapy

Holistic Blissful Facial

A therapeutic facial, that is ideal for all skin types. We utilise products from USpa. The treatment involves powerful antioxidants such as clay masques, green tea and bamboo exfoliants. This amazing facial also incorporates a massage of the face, hands and scalp.

45 mins $85 or Add-On to Massage for $45

Holistic Facial Journey

An extremely therapeutic deep cleansing holistic facial customised to suit your needs. Each facial starts off with Balinese palming and body brushing to stimulate your skin. Your facial relaxation journey starts as you focus on your breath, and sending oxygen deep into the underlying tissues while your back is massaged.

75 mins $139

Clinical Skincare - Herbal Aktiv Peel

Experience completely new skin in only five days! The Herbal Aktiv Peel® is a facial rejuvenating technique to re-energise, exfoliate and regenerate your skin based on traditional folk medicine. Herbal Aktiv Peel® is a combination of 100% natural herbs which is applied to your skin causing the outer layer to peel over a period of 2-4 days. This process allows the old skin to stay in place while the new skin is regenerated underneath.

120 mins First treatment (includes 3 home treatment products)1,2
$697 (face only)
$197 (extra for neck)

Subsequent treatments (not requiring home treatment products)1,2
$440 (face only)
$197 (extra for neck)

Signature Treatment

This facial treatment utilising Dr Spiller products provides you with an instant hydration boost for your skin. It includes a cleanse, followed by a jojoba peel, and extraction of impurities, then an invigorating massage to increase the blood flow and ease tension in your face and head muscles.

Other treatments include:

  • Phyto Corrections - 60 mins $229

  • Enzyme Peel Treatment - 30 mins $105

  • Galvanic Treatment - 45 mins $95

  • Silk Hydration Treatment - 60 mins from $195 or add-on $50 Enzyme Peel

  • Collagen Treatment - 60 mins from $155 or add-on $80 Deep Cleanse Package

  • Whitening Treatment - 60mins from $155 or add-on $80 Deep Cleanse Package

  • Acne Control Treatment - 60 mins from $155 or add-on $80 Deep Cleanse Package

  • Deep Cleansing Plus Package - 85 mins $80 extra

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About Body Flexion Massage & Skincare

Our clinic was developed by Sophia Chang in 2007, and ever since has been offering gentle, professional and respectful service to our clients with the latest therapies for the body and skin.

Body Flexion Massage & Skincare - Massage Therapy

Blended essential oils are used in all our massages to enhance the treatment. Your treatment room will be filled with the gentle sounds of relaxing music.

Body Flexion Massage & Skincare - Body Therapy

Enjoy in our extremely relaxing and beneficial Body Therapies 

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