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The art of transformation is in transcending an old way of being and thinking, as well as old ways of breathing and moving.

What is Body Harmony?

What is Harmony and How Can it Help You?

In Body Harmony you develop your awareness of your body, through that you can bring about a sense of harmony within yourself.

How do you know to change what you don’t know is not working. You don’t. But through Body Harmony, you and your practitioner work together to bring forth more of you. Body Harmony is a Transformation Art. 

By bringing consciousness, awareness, breath and movement to areas of your body where there may not have been movement, you begin creating something completely new and previously unknown.

Your practitioner is your coach, bringing out the best of you, helping you to move beyond your perceived limitations into new ways of being, so that you can respond to situations more efficiently and effectively.

We work together to develop your awareness and when you discover that you are responding to a situation so differently, that you (or someone else) don’t even recognise yourself in this new behaviour you will light up. When your physical body moves freely and efficiently, when there are no hooks for an old behaviour to catch on, to draw you into that old way of being or responding, you will light up - and feel free.

Body Harmony brings together many elements to create this unification:


Whilst what happens in your life is what happens, your perception of what has happened, and your responses to those perceptions affect how you live life.

Whilst we cannot change the circumstances that have led up to now, transformation of perception is possible. Your perceptions are a result of the relationships of posture, breath, and movement.


Our posture reflects our thoughts, our perceptions, our way of being. 

Your posture allows movement through your body, energy flows easily, your breath fills your body and releases with ease and pleasure, your relationship to gravity is easy, so nothing is held up against the energy of gravity, and your connection through your body allows you to walk easily on the earth. How can you have the most efficient posture for you?


In body Harmony, Breath is one of the key ways to develop Harmony in your body. You will learn many techniques to use your breath more effectively and efficiently, producing freedom and ease of movement in your body, and an easier mindset.

Take a few breaths to explore how deeply you breath, how fully do you breathe, where can you feel your breath travelling to beyond your awareness of your lungs? Can you feel it in your belly, in your legs, your feet, your hands? What would you need to do to feel it travel to those places? Did you even know it could?


Movement is the bringer of life. When you feel stuck in life, you feel as though you cant move. When movement is introduced into an area of stuckness, constriction or restriction, you experience freedom.

In Body Harmony we introduce movement into areas as a mode of freeing then from their restrictions, and reconnecting them to the whole of you. So that you can move easily and fluidly. 

Movement may be introduced through touch or breathing techniques, initiating the movement of tissues, and fluids of your body. Before, after and sometimes during sessions you are offered the opportunity to explore the different qualities of your movement, and its effects in walking or other movements.


The avenue for all to bring these aspects together is through Touch. The conscious touch of your practitioner, comfortably on your clothed body, brings about your awareness into your present time. Conscious touch invites you into the dance of discovering your own body, freeing up your restrictions, breathing easier, moving easier, and living life.

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