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Bowen Therapy | Finch Therapy | Massage Therapy | Food Intolerance Testing. If you're looking for a professional Natural Therapy treatment give Dawn at body in balance natural therapies a call.

About Body in Balance Natural Therapies

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Cedar Vale/Jimboomba, Queensland

Focus areas

Stiffness Communication process Intolerance Mineral therapy Relaxation Purpose

  • Are you looking for pain relief?
  • Do you suffer from Digestive/Allergies/hormonal complaints or other chronic health problems?

Dawn at Body in Balance Natural Therapies has over ten years of experience in the natural therapies field and offers the best and most effective treatment combinations. You will be in a caring and friendly environment with all your questions answered.




Services On Offer
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Finch Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Biochemic Mineral Analysis

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Why Come & See Us?

Fast and effective relief
Full assessment and treatment of not just the symptoms of your pain but the underlying cause.
You will be in a caring and friendly environment with all your questions answered.
You will receive advice on home maintenance so your terrific results can be maintained by you at home.

It doesn't matter what ails you or for how long you've been suffering with it for, Dawn at Body in Balance Natural Therapies is here to help. Just give us a call or click here to find out more or to talk to our practitioner.


"I was suffering for headaches almost daily. After seeing the doctor and optometrist I had put it down to stress as I am a mother of two young children and am studying full time at university. I went to Body in Balance Natural Therapies just after a massage to reduce my tensions. What I found was far more beneficial then I could have realized. After two sessions with Dawn my headaches were gone as well as back pain that I had lived with for over ten years. I now know easy to use exercises that have maintained my well being. I have recently started a course of minerals that were prescribed by Dawn which are showing improvements to my eczema, restless sleep and bags under my eyes. Thank you Dawn, you have changed my life and my perception of what daily living should feel like. Best of all I know that if I have any aches or pain you are only a phone call away."
- Wendy, Munruben

"After suffering from severe pain in the back, hip and leg for over 6 months and seeing doctors, chiropractors and other therapists I was finally referred to Dawn. After just one treatment my symptoms dramatically reduced. I now receive regular treatments to maintain my well being. Thank you Dawn."
- Peter, chambers flat

"I have suffered acute chronic back pain & sciatic pain since breaking my back in a motorbike accident in 1997. No painkilling drugs, anti-inflamatories or physio helped. One chiropractor nearly put me in a wheel chair so I just lived with it till I saw Dawn's ad in the local paper. I was sceptical about her abilities but after 2 treatments I was a new man. There is still a little bit of pain but I can now move about & feel almost as good as prior to the accident. Dawn has greatly improved my quality of life & I would have to say possibly added a few more years of activity I thought I had lost. Thank you Dawn"
- Doug, Munruben

"A car accident years ago left me with chronic pain and stiffness due to a hip and low back injury. After bowen treatments with Dawn I can now walk easily and ride a bike again after years of not being able to do either. I am very satisfied with the results of my treatment."
- Aronn, Macleay Island

"I suffered from extremely painful periods each month and also wanted to fall pregnant. I knew I had to get my cycle back in shape. I saw Dawn fortnightly for Bowen treatments, my periods began to ease each month and after three months of pain free periods I fell pregnant! I truly believe Bowen helped my body and mind get back into "balance". I now look forward to using Bowen and Dawns care, understanding and wealth of knowledge to make the pregnancy and birth of my first child as comfortable and joyous as it should be! Thanks a million Dawn!"
- Ashley, Cornubia

"I was having severe headaches and neck pain for over one year after six months of weekly massage with another therapist, acupuncture, pain killers, muscle relaxants and injections, my doctor wanted to put me on more drugs. My neighbour had been to see Dawn and recommended her to me. Dawn found that I had a misalignment in my pelvis which was causing the upper back tension. After just a couple of treatments my headaches had gone and my neck and shoulder pain had decreased dramatically. Thank you so much Dawn, I now recommend you to any one who will listen!"
- Jody, Cedar Vale

"I had suffered with back pain for many years and had tried different therapies in the past, which had only worked in the short term. After a week of severe constant pain I sought the help of a local therapist. The pain eased almost immediately following some treatments from Dawn and after practicing some simple exercises at home I have had no pain for over a year. I can’t thank Dawn enough for the relief from back pain she has given me. It is fantastic to be pain free even at the end of a hard day’s work."
- Ben, plumber, Cedar Vale

"I had suffered from eczema for years and tried every cream and medical allergy test under the sun with no relief. I took the 400 plus food and products testing with Dawn and my excema has totally disappeared! It has now been 2 years and I can eat and use what ever products I like with no return of my excema. Amazing! Thank you Dawn."
- Ashley, Buderim

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Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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