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Body Matrix Hardcore Personal Training & Gym

Ron Reid

South Melbourne VIC 3205

Body Matrix Hardcore Personal Training & Gym


Body Matrix Hardcore Personal Training & Gym


Body Matrix is your go to place for highly-skilled training by fitness professionals, who specialise in personal training and body sculpting. With our headquarters based in South Melbourne, we are only a short walk from public transport, so you can fit in a gym session no matter how packed your schedule. At the Body Matrix, our focus lies in creating a strong, health conscious athlete out of you. We offer a supportive environment with over 30 years fitness industry experience through our trainers and the absolute best program to help achieve your goals.

Body Matrix is an appointment only Boutique Personal Training Studio and Body Shaping facility. The space we’ve created here focusses on body shaping and a personal training. With our state of the art equipment, we have everything that’s needed for those who are serious about improving their fitness.

We offer the best in personal training with free gym memberships.

Yes, free membership to our full size commercially equipped gym. You only pay for your Personal Training sessions. There is no “gym only”.

As well as their individual PT sessions clients are free to use the gym anytime during opening hours.

As a members-only gym, there is an intimate fitness community that supports one another and you won’t be fighting crowds of people to get to your workout.

Most of the time, there will be a professional, fitness specialist on the gym floor to assist with your workouts or to answer any questions you may have.

All you need to do is be a current client participating in at least one PT session per week.

At most times there is a trainer on the floor for guidance, motivation or any questions you may have about your training.

We Get Results!


Elite Coaches

Our coaches compete on the world stage and know what it takes to get you looking and performing at your optimum! What are you waiting for?

Professional Equipment

Our South Melbourne Gym has a large range of professional equipment in various weights to suit your fitness level, from beginner to athlete.

Fitness Programs

Our South Melbourne gym has a range of fitness programs including Beach Boot Camp, Russian Stretching Yoga, and Body Shaping.

Personal Training

Personal Training in South Melbourne!
No two people are the same, nor are two bodies. In a world where each body is individual in its own right, our approach to personal training is catered to each Body Matrix member as exactly that – an individual.

Throughout the journey we call life, we reach different levels of fitness and with that our goals may change. Our team of professional coaches are here to guide you on the path to meeting whatever fitness goals and expectations you choose to set for yourself. If you’re committed to improving your health and fitness, we are too.

We train at our private gym facility or in the park as client needs and weather dictate.

We promise to educate, motivate & inspire you to get those fitness results you desire via our personalised training here at our gym in South Melbourne.

WARNING: Side effects include: burning unwanted body fat, improving your cardio, improving your upper body, lower body and core strength. You will also have a lot of fun!

Thai Muscle Camp

NEXT CAMP: February 17-25 Muscle Mass camp

You are invited to the much anticipated Thai Muscle Camp, hosted by Rohan Reid.
Get ready to discover yourself during this intensive week, which is set to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.
This is not a “power lift” and “grunt” kind of camp. We take you through and teach you the tools you need to harness the strength of your mind.
You will learn that there is a higher power than anything you have ever experienced when you engage in our spiritual teachings. You will learn Self-mastery with elements of Buddhist Philosophy.
With the motivational and collaborative environment, you will grasp at these “mind over matter” learnings and use them for your Weight Training and Cardio Training activities.
These daily training sessions are headed by professional, experienced and accredited Body Builders, who understand the intricate balance and science to develop individualized programs for optimum health.
Using the Body Building techniques that our team of expert trainers have over 65-years of combined experience in, we will train you and allow you the confidence to create the body shape you have always wanted, and provide you with the foundations for optimal health and becoming ageless.
The mind, body, and spirit training you will experience during these 8 days of intensity will provide you with the foundations for optimal health and greater quality of life.
With a focus on holistic health and activities that isolate the core areas the body, this event is designed for all.

Enjoy a discovery of newfound strength through our training workshops, which will strengthen your mind, body, and, spirit.

Our programs are designed by master body shapers to help you fulfil your goals.

This is an empowering event that is not to be missed!

The Details: Thai Body Muscle Camp

Thai Muscle Body camp runs every two months.

Upcoming Thai Muscle Camps

Date: February 17-25

Location: Pattaya, Thailand (The camp location will be sent to you following your booking.)

Event Inclusions

  • Detailed resources on the event, including schedules, cultural rules and guidelines, and “do and don’ts”

  • Most Meals

  • Full Supplement Program

  • Daily Cardio Training

  • Daily Weight Training

  • Six Thai Massages

  • Accommodation in a private service apartment with a kitchen, private bathroom, and balcony

  • Local Market Tours

  • Cultural Tour

  • Translators (if necessary)

Options and Extras

  • Luxury Spa Treatments

  • Informative Seminars on health and Self-Nurture

  • Meditation and Yoga

  • Four Special Meals (Optional)

Your holistic experience will be guided by two of the world’s most experienced master body shapers, with insights from Australia , Europe and USA. Imagine how you will feel coming home with new-found respect and kindness for your body, as well as a strengthened mind and soul.


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